Iron Will

Deadline for Games Of Podiums is tomorrow!!  Make to register.  There is still a lot of interest from people that just don’t have a partner.  Coordinate and pick them before someone else snags them up!  The event begins next Friday for the “Friday Night Lights” day 1 so Friday evening classes on the 24th will be cancelled.  Check-in is at 5:30 will the first event beginning just after 6.  Athletes will need to be here at this time as we will go over standards and our itinerary.  Volunteers, I’d like to get together Thursday evening after Weightlifting class to go over and assign task… judging, set up between events, and scoring.  I appreciate every single effort from every single person willing to help, so THANK YOU!  If you’d like to help let me know and just show up!  If Thursday doesn’t work with your schedule, we can also meet before the event starts on Friday, 4:30 or so, and we can cover what was discussed Thursday.  Any help is appreciated and encouraged, even just for one of the days, so don’t feel hesitant to slip in or out when ever you need to.  YOU ARE HELPING ME… so give yourself the freedom to just do what you can.  Athletes and Volunteers.  Saturday the doors will open at 8am with the first heat starting at 9:15.  There are 3 guaranteed workouts on Saturday will a final.  There will also be a Floater “Event” that will available to anyone and everyone for a weightlifting belt!  Get ready for the noise ladies and gentlemen!

What am I making???


Another workout released!  “Iron Will.”  First off watch the movie!  It’s based on a true story and is a great film!  This workout has several standards and guidelines that will be discussed in greater detail at the meeting Saturday morning.  The time cap changed from what is said on the picture for the Snatches and FRWL’s to be completed… if you can complete it! This is a time capped workout so strategy is a major consideration here.  In competition I feel this is many times as important as physical capability, and often overlap.  One member of the team will begin by doing their Snatches UNBROKEN and Front Rack Walking Lunges UNBROKEN.  An Important note:  If the set is not completed unbroken, then that set is voided, and no reps count, and you must start back at zero.  At any point you may tag your partner so they begin their set and work… but once you tag your partner you can no longer resume work… it’s all on your partner then.  Score is counted by the marks completed at the end of time cap by both team members.


17th Of January Year 2019

4 Wallcrawls
9 Toes To Bar
14 Dumbbell Walking Lunges (One DB in Each Hand in the Front Rack)


2 Rope Climbs (Legless if you ’em!)
9 Toes To Bar
14 Dumbbell Cleans (One DB in Each Hand)

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