An Oldie And A Goodie!

Don’t forget to sign up for the competition!  Reminder that registration deadline end this Friday!  I will release the second known workout tomorrow on the CFLOTW Instagram page.  There will not be anymore known factors of the workouts until two days before the competition date!  I have a list of potential team mates on the back white board to help you guys match yourselves up with someone.  GUYS WE NEED YOU!  We need more participation from the dudes!  The girls are more than pumped and willing to compete by the guys won’t!?!?  Come on!!!!!

15th Of January Year 2020

EMOM 14 – Alternating
3 Snatches (Squat, Power, or Split [The split is how I learned how to snatch actually… check those out!  They are pretty cool looking!])
10 Cal Assault Bike

Here’s a video of quick explanation of our conditioning piece we have tomorrow.  The production value is waaaaaay different than what we are use to in the CrossFit media world now. Oh, how far we have come!  These are the types of videos I would watch that taught me the essence of CrossFit and what we were building and trying to accomplish.  This vid one is actually not one of my favorites, but it was all we had and I seldomly did FGB because of the prestige it was held to.  Greg (who I refer to as Coach, and probably the only one that I do refer to as that) isn’t in this one as much, so I wouldn’t watch it as often as other.  But, this is dang near as close to an all out effort, and a TRUE max effort, type workout.  Notice how they have a “judge” next to them… they are going so hard they don’t want counting their score to hinder their performance… or better yet, they are going so hard they are in a metabolic zone in which they cannot count their own reps.  It is relatively high on our intensity scale and should be given a heavy and hard output for the ENTIRE minute for each movement!  Good luck!

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds Of 1 Minute Intervals Of:
Sumodeadlift High-Pull @75/55
Box Jumps
Push Press @75/55
***Your Score is the combined reps of all movements for all rounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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