Totally Open Today!

Tomorrow we will have normal operating hours throughout the day! Hope you enjoy your day off for those that get it and see you tomorrow!

One important announcement.  I mentioned to the 5 and 6a.m.ers in person, but in case anyone gets a wild idea and is feeling frisky and wants to come and throwdown with our diehard early morning crew, we will have some of our 6am Tuesday (Only this time and only this day) classes cancelled as we will be hosting the Dona Aña County Sheriff’s Department as CrossFit will be incorporated as part of their PT.  This is great news.  This is fantastic news!  CrossFit prepares you for whatever life throws at you.  It best demonstrates and facilitates preparation for the unknown and unknowable.  The ability to act at any given notice!  Who else is in need of this for the demands of their jobs and labor… our police force and ALL other service personal.  Life in general is unknown and unknowable.  Whether aware or not.  That is what, and how, we train.  I can LITERALLY write an entire book on this as life’s unknows also include the unknown throughout the longevity of our life time.  But, as civilians, not having special training to guide and depend on when the unwanted, and even at times perhaps life threatening scenarios, we need to fall back on and trust in our physical capabilities.  I am excited to see that our own county Sheriff’s dept is opened minded and willing enough to include our methodology and training program to their regimen.  This cancellation to the 6am class on Tuesday will only be for some weeks.  I will see the cadets some weeks and there may be weeks I do not.  I will post here on the blog when these are.  For the next 3 Tuesdays, until Feb 4th, this class will be reserved for the academy and then there will be a little break for a couple weeks where we will resume the time slot as normal class schedule.  I know this is a little confusing for open/closed, but bare with me as I will let you early birds know.  This was the only time we could accommodate the academy with their rigorous time constraints, but again this is an awesome opportunity to share this amazing gym and what we do to our law enforcement!  Thank you guys… and wish them luck!

Here is one of the prizes that will be given for the winners at this year’s Game Of Podiums!  Each winner will receive their very own handmade wooden handle jump rope!  The pictures don’t look like much actually.  But, I wanted to give prized that were unique, special, and one of a kind…. these are certainly one of a kind!  You can’t get these from Rogue!  I actually don’t think you can find anything like these anywhere.  As a woodworker I tend to like things made out of wood.  I made bottle openers completely out of wood once cause I had never seen that before.  So, I thought the same in this case… I literally have a case a wooden handle jump ropes (16 hours later)!  Did I mention they are made by yours truly.  They are fully functional and can be use for your workouts, or hung, or saved as a memento.


20th Of January Year 2020

Front Squat + Back Squat – (2+3)
***Build to a Heavy Complex***

Push Press @105/70
***Morning Classes: Buy In and Cash Out with 500m Row
***Afternoon/Evening Classes: Buy In and Cash Out with 400m Run

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