What A Day!

The evening classes were CRAY-CRAY today! Thank you all for being patient and absolutely KILLING IT today! A ton of unexpected PR’s and hitting old PR wEiGhTs! I was literally S-H-O-C-K-E-D! Expectedly we would figure with the absence of doing heavy squats as often as we had been last year, the Max Effort would be sub-loaded comparatively either by wide or narrow margins…. You guys are amazing and you can’t spell LEGENDARY without LEG DAY. What ever we squatted this will be are new max numbers for future percentage use…. this is not a big deal if we didn’t hit our all time best lift. This is why we re-established our Max so that we can train, do more squats, and get this current number higher! Regardless you, yes you, gave a great effort and should be proud. Let’s train hard, and as iron sharpens iron, reach our best selves that we can become both inside and outside of the gym. “Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die.” -The Sandlot

There are only 3 more spots for the 1 Year Promotion we are having this year, and 4 spots for the Lifetime members. For more information about either of these refer back to the blog titled, “2020 CFLOTW Promotions,” or you can pull me aside before or after class, and as always call or text me (575)640-1059. My receptionist has a Scottish accent and speaks fluent blarney, but he will transfer me to you.

14th Of January Year 2020 

3 Sets Of:
2 Min GOAT Training
15 Banded KB Swings (We will discuss how to set these up prior to doing them)
2 Min Sandbag Hold

Ladder Increasing by 1’s
Clean and Jerk @135
BUS Burpees

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