2020 CFLOTW Promotions

There will be two promotions that will be going on in January.  Keep in mind they are OPTIONS to you and I feel they can be beneficial to some and our gym.  Many of you know our vision.  Ben Bergeron often talks about many of his core values/principals that lay a foundation of how he approaches life and that is inclusive to his labor as well.  I find myself constantly agreeing with much of what he says and talks about, as well as many of those core values, and I feel as if, “That’s it!”  That’s how I was thinking and I finally have the verbiage to express it… even tangibly.  I never had a coach when I started.  I never went to other CrossFit gyms or was apart of any other community. When I started coaching in 2010, there wasn’t a lot of content to how to coach or other tools in that world…. there wasn’t really any actually.  Most of us that started in those early days relied on CFHQ mainsite to learn, and they did a phenomenal job that would be difficult to find now a days. Ben Bergeron was one, of many, that I watched and watched.  After some time, you begin to articulate that information and make it your own.  ABC is one that I have incorporated into who I am, or who I am becoming, even who I want to be.  I want to “Always Be Communicating,” and that greatly includes you all.  That includes ideas, thoughts, plans, goals, values, visions, etc.  Many times these values are just between one’s own “inner circle,” family, friends, even just yourself.  So ABC can fall from the shoulders trust stands on because the foundation isn’t well built.  ALL of you are my “inner circle,” I don’t really have others or anything else.  You all are it.  Our gym’s goals are to be the best gym in Las Cruces… in the state of New Mexico.  Eventually our facility we rent will be owned by us.  I want to build to suit our needs for the decades to come.  I don’t want to sway anyone to lean towards one way or the other… but simply provide options to everyone that can be a win, win, win.  I am offering a 1 time payment option for a year membership that will be 10 months of your monthly payments. So, essentially it’ll be 2 months free to you.  The second, and I feel hesitant to write, but a lifetime membership.  This one I can discuss with anyone interested or curious.  Catch me before or after class for more details, but this is a essentially a one time payment that after will have a lifetime membership at CFLOTW.  It is expensive, but again, an option to those interested that long term may be a benefit as well as providing our gym with a start in its future.

Here’s my rinky dinky flyer for our In-House Competition!



8th Of January Year 2019

For Time:
500-400-300-200-100m Row
25-20-15-10-5 Handstand Push-Ups


For Time:
100-80-60-40-20 Double Unders
25-20-15-10-5 Toes To Bar

********* If you wanna get on a barbell********
Extra Work:
ETS (Every Twenty Seconds)
1 Snatch
1 MU
Alternating and intended to be challenging but with no missed lifts. Work on moving through the work/movements steadily with a relatively highish heart rate and still be able to move well making all your lifts.

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