First CFLOTW Throwdown

Start nagging your competition partner for the upcoming In-House throwdown! A reminder that there will be two different divisions… an Open that will allow modification for tailoring to your ability to accomplish the task, meaning that you can “scale” it just like we do for normal class workouts to achieve the demands of the movement. The requirements will full range of motion and that will be the standard for judging purposes… again, similar to the CF Open we had in October. The second division will be Rx’d. This will be typical workouts with typical loads seen in our every day sort of workouts. No modifications will be allowed in this division and full range of motion must be upheld by both team members. This comp is 1 male and 1 non-male. I will not be throwing out any curve balls that we haven’t seen in our recent training. Past Open standards and movements “may” be seen as well as some brosesh style demands (not anywhere near the time frame we do in brosesh tho!) Register today by coming up with your team name and planning your matching comp outfits! Registration is now Open with a 50 dollar team registration fee. I have everybody’s waivers so there will be no need to fill out another one as we normally do in other outside competitions. This is for anyone wanting to throwdown that wants to challenge themselves test their skills for bragging rights and self growth. Competitions tend to address weaknesses and areas in our fitness capacity that need attention and I feel that an In-House comp is the best way kick start some momentum into the new decade in a comfortable setting that we are all familiar with… with the people we see everyday, in the facility we train in.

Second, I think I may change the name…. “Game Of Podiums.”  Let me know what you think.  The previous one was, ” I’m Your Huckleberry Throwdown.”

Here’s a cool pic of the one and only Joe Apodaca! He’s currently deployed in Africa. Many of you signed a card we got for him that Tisha, his wife, sent him for Christmas. Here he is showing off his new CFLOTW t-shirt that we sent in his goody bag!


7th Of January Year 2019

12 Bulgarian Split Squats (6 per leg)
10-15 GHDs
3 Clean and Jerks
12 KB Bent Over Rows

5 Rounds of:
8 Power Cleans @70% Clean and Jerk wt. from EMOM
12 Pull-Ups
16 Deadlifts @70% Clean and Jerk wt. from EMOM

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