I’m Blessed And CFLOTW Is The Best


I’ve never had a surprise party…. and I was completely surprised!  I’m blessed and CFLOTW is the best… that kinda rhymes??  Thank you so much Erica for putting that together.  You out did yourself and that was something I will never forget and meant beyond words to me.  Thank you for everyone that went and spent their Saturday evening with me haha.  I still can’t believe how everyone came together and coordinate so well to pull that off!  It was perfect.  I was, and am still stunned!  I was speechless walking into the gym with my airpods still in my ears listening to a podcast expecting to go and have drinks with Jerod… so I showed up a little early knowing Jerod is always early and I needed to drop off a few small things at the gym.  Seeing Gaskins truck everything started racing in my mind… and then the download of the eruption of turning on the lights and the roar of everyone’s “Surprise!!!”  Just looking at the streamers on the rig and seeing everyone that was there and my family and just how everyone was literally a part of it, and all the “lies” piecing themselves together lol!  I couldn’t speak.  I’m rarely left without words, but I was just left to take in the moment.  So many of you put each wonderful piece together and it was perfect!  Alex made a sign that we all signed (If you didn’t make it please sign it!  I’m going to have it framed this week) and the piñata with awesome!  Krystal filled it with candy that I kinda busted when I broke the piñata 😮  And Jazzy made those amazing table centers along with my “Coach” nametag haha!  Veva and Steve a snow cone machine that was perfect for our CFLOTW kiddos!  Desirae made some STOUT jello shots that even my dad joined in for the toast!  And that cake was just freakin perfect!  So many people brought so much amazing food and thank you for putting all this together, and setting up, and planning for I don’t know how long!  I can go on and on and if I left anything out I apologize.  I tried getting out what everyone did because I wanted to soak up every little detail of that unbelievable party.  Thank you everyone.  You made my missed birthday and truly celebrated the 1 year anniversary of this place in the best way possible.  Thank you for making me feel like the luckiest CrossFit gym owner out of the 15,000 CF gyms in the worlds…. A coach never had better members than the ones that walk through the doors of CFLOTW.

6th Of January Year 2019

Back Squat

20 Wallballs
20 Dumbbell Snatches
20 Push-Ups

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