I’m Your Huckleberry Throwdown

First Friday of the Month!  This “From The Hat” is a special one that I am excited about.  Today marked the one year anniversary to CFLOTW to date.  January 2nd.  I wanted to commemorate the 2nd of Jan by doing the very first workout that we did on our opening day.  You all know it…. most of you hate it… I love it!  Deck of Cards! BUT!  It’ll be a special Deck of Cards mixed with our traditional “From the Hat” theme.  Our movements that we will use for Deck Of Cards will be ones that you pick from the hat, so it still changed from class to class.  Also, because after the New Year we tend to feel like we need to get back on track, we’ll have a second portion to today.  After 25 minutes of Deck of Cards, we’ll finish the class with a strength.  We love that barbell!  We are actually know by many gyms in our region as being a strength biased gym that does tough workouts.  I will go to competitions and have other owners of other gym tell me “You guys like the barbell don’t you,”  Yes we do!  Hopefully we get some of that in our Deck of Cards picks!  I’ve always wanted to do a skilled and heavy version of Deck of Cards for our Brosesh on Saturdays.  This will certainly do!  I hope to see you all there for our first anniversary “WOD”  and kick off 2020 (The year we make contact) off with a bang!

Thank you to all that attended our New Year workout!  We had an awesome turn out for it as you can see!  Partner workout, good vibes, fitness, energy, intention, hustle, and movement!  You guys are amazing and I am proud to be part of this gym fam.


Lastly to mention, our In-House Competition.  This is open to EVERYONE and ANYONE.  I intend this to feel like a glorified CrossFit Open workout (like the one we just had in October).  There will be 2 divisions:  An Rx’d and Open.  This will be a two person team event consisting of 1 male and 1 female.  The Open division will be as we do everyday here for our workouts where accommodated your fitness level is allowed…. meaning if you use a band for pull-ups, you are allowed using a band.  The workouts will be designed for our gym and what we normally have trained in the past… again, meaning there will be no curve balls thrown at you that we haven’t practiced and that are not prepared.  I will release only two of the five workouts prior to the day of competition.  I always personally feel that not knowing gives an inclusive field where everyone is on the same boat, and more upholding of the methodology that we train by…. being ready for the unknown and unknowable.  That’s on our PR bell even!!  And, yes I said 5 workouts!  we will have this event over a two day period!  The first two events will be held during, what I am calling, “Friday Night Lights!”  I’ll give you a teaser!  There will be a strength event and then a quick conditioning event Friday evening!  Then we will have come back Saturday morning and have two more events and a finals workout!  It should last about the length an Open workout would take so expect about a half a day and then we will go to lunch and talk about gainz and stuff ;o  Team fee is 50 dollars (25 a person) that podium places will receive PRICES!  If you are sure about not competing, and knowing that I can’t talk you into it, I will need HELP.  I will need judges and others to help during the heats and throughout this event with different tasks.  Mark your calendars for the 24th and 25th and get ready for “I’m Your Huckleberry Throwdown!”

3rd Of January Year 2019

Deck Of Cards “From The Hat” style!!

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