Announcements, Alas

Holiday hours for this coming Christmas week are as follow:
Monday: Normal Schedule
Christmas Eve: Christmas Eve Throwdown @10am
Christmas Day: Closed
Thursday: Open Gym 3:30pm-5:30pm ONLY
Friday: Normal Schedule
Saturday: Normal Schedule

Every day I type the date before I write the workout for the day, and I see the days roll by one by one.  Earlier this week I couldn’t believe this year is almost over.  I can’t believe the decade is almost over!  It’s crazy to realize it’s almost been an entire year that we’ve been CFLOTW! I’d like to invite everyone to CFLOTW for Lunch and Eggnog this Saturday at 3pm… or apple cider if Eggnog isn’t your thing.  Our Secret Santa Gift Exchange will be held at the beginning of this, but I intend this to be our “Christmas Party,”  similar to our get together we had at the end of this year’s Open. This is our way of everyone mingling with others that may go to different classes.  I always enjoy watching everyone have fun at these and it demonstrates how close our community is, as well as builds it up even more as we get to know one another better.  And talking over eggnog and apple cider is easier than heaving and breathing fire cause you just sent it on a workout that made you rethink some life decisions! lol.

I’d also like to announce that January 18th we will be hosting our very first competition at CFLOTW!  Coming of the New Year’s and our 1 year anniversary of this gym fam, I’d like to jump start it with and In-House Competition!  I hosted the inaugural Aggie Games when I was part of the Kinesiology Club back in my college days, boy how the times flies, but It’s been awhile, so this will be good practice of hosting what I’d like to make a big event competition in the near future like ones we have been apart of.  When Boxtoberfest was around people from El Paso would travel to Albuquerque, and vise versa, for Desert Games, people from around the area travel to El Paso… we are right in the middle.  I’d like to make this In-House comp be fun and inclusive to everyone with as much participation as possible, but to make these possible I will need volunteers to help with all kinds of stuff (judging, score keeping for the divisions, set up, etc.).  I’ll have more details in the future, but I think I am going to make this one a team/partner comp.  Again this is “In-House,” so that means it’ll just be your CFLOTW fam competing… so essentially it’ll run similar to an Open workout day.  So, let me know if your in!  For now I need a name that is fire!

20th Of December Year 2019

3 Sets of:
30 Sec L-Hold
20 GHDs
2 Minute GOAT (DU’s, Handstands, Ring or Ring Progression, Bar MU’s,

15 Thrusters @115/80
15 CTB Pull-Ups
30 Sit-Ups

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