The conditioning piece for tomorrow is from one I saw on Social Media that I felt was important to be apart of.  Below is some screen shots from @makewodsgreatagain handle from Instagram that explains this workout.  If you go to the link in his bio there is a GoFundMe page that goes to this young man’s family.  Jacob Morris died young.  He was a top teen CrossFit athlete that from the looks of people’s commenting was a special soul.  This workout was the last workout Jacob did before his surgery that soon after was taken away by angles.  Tomorrow we will do this for you Jacob Morris.  Rest in peace, and our thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones.


17th Of December Year 2019

Accessory EMOM 15 
4 Sandbag Over Shoulder
10 Toes To Bar/ Toes to Ring
30 Sec ME Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swings (to ∼ eye level)

For time:
50 Wallballs
40 Cal Aerobic Machine
30 Dumbbell Snatch
20 Box Jump Overs
15 Bar Muscle-Ups

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