OHS, Out Of Position, Out Of Balance; It’s Like Life

IMG_7236 (2)

The Overhead Squat is an ideal movement. It is a combination strength, skill, mobility, technique, and balance. If the bar is out of position, we are out of balance… it has to be kept in the right position to be in balance… it’s like life. Doing Snatches on Friday, I saw how neglected our programming has been with these balance dominate movement. The bar MUST stay over the center of you foot, just about the shoe laced area, for the ENTIRETY of the lift. slightly forward and we fight to keep the bar overheard. Slightly back and we loose it. As you lower down into the squat do so slowly and GRADUALLY begin to pull the bar back behind you. The more forward inclination our torso gains descending, the more we must track our arm backwards behind our ears to accommodate this angle. Also, the heavier the load, and the greater the effort on Overhead Squats, the slower this descend is. Our reactive nature will want us to drop quickly to get the rep and set done, but the opposite should be approached. At maximal, and near maximal loads, the negative portion of the lift should nearly mimic a tempo squat, meaning slooooooooow. This is to optimize our stability in a very instable position and movement. Feel the feedback from the load as you lower (Hence slow) and make slight adjustments to maintain tension and proper application of force to keep your arms locked out and in the correct position. Focus on arms “Up!” towards the ceiling and attempt to NOT over correct when making these small “micro adjustments” if you will. And then “Chest up,” and tons up upward force into the bar with your armpits pointed forward. This is a great demonstration that illustrates CrossFit’s (Our own) mantra of “Moving large loads, over long distances, quickly.” Those who do so will, we dub “Fit.” I know a big emphasis was to go slow, but the specifics exchange as the loads increase for this movement, and that saying popped into my head writing this and didn’t want to past up that very well said phrase (That by all means is still very much true, just so there is no confusion). Grunting also helps… scientific fact! It does make you stronger 😉

16th Of December Year 2019

Overhead Squat

15-10-5-10-15-10-5… etc
Back Squats @155/105
BUS Burpees
***Finish with 4 Minutes Max Effort Row!

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