Please Read Me… All Of Me

The First Annual CFLOTW Nutrition Challenge is almost to an end!  Keep up the great work people!  We are almost there… stay STRONG… stay FOCUSED… stay MOTIVATED… and stay THE COURSE!


With as many families and cool people that are down for little Saturday get togethers, I am inviting ALL and EVERYONE for our first annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!  It will be held October 12th after Brosesh of course and all are welcomed.  I hope this will be a super fun event for the kiddos, families, and any good ‘ol American bred individual to show off their pumpkin carving skills and take your masterpieces with you to decorate your homes!  One rule though, you have to come with a smile… and a pumpkin and carving supplies lol.  There will be prizes for top pumpkins!  Dizzy has been practicing and studying this ancient art of pumpkin carving so you better come prepared!!  No entry fees or any of that nonsense… I just want to have a memorable event we can all enjoy as a tight community!

One other thing.  I am little hesitant even mentioning this, but if it is out in the open I am more likely to commit to the project and cause than keeping it silent to myself.  Does anyone know how I can host a blood drive here at the gym?  I was suggested by a friend that we should do something for our community this holiday and be the light that shines bright.  I saw the idea from Jason Khalipa and thought that would be a great way to provide help that we could all participate in that actually really makes a difference!  Also, I want to be part of as many donations this holiday season that can help the less fortunate around such a special time of the year.  I will need help and volunteers and perhaps even thoughts and suggestions to direct such an assignment.  Greg Glassman always promoted that if you can do more for your community that you should.  That and so much more sold me on “CrossFit”  We are strength and conditioning program be definition, but he had full time employees years ago in Kenya helping under-developed villages build schools and get clean water.  This is a fitness company doing this!  It’s unheard of and I believe that is what has blessed it to grow as it has.  My old Intro’s use to be heavily detailed with the impact CF was influencing globally.  They have always been big on things like, Barbells for Boobies (Breast Cancer Awareness), Memorial Day murph (Wounded Warrior Project), Infant swimming Resource (Educating that children ages 6 mo to 8 years of age leading cause of death is drowning), they have a month  dedicated towards Autism (I have a cousin Autistic and that hits home).  We as members to this community and as Americans have duties as well.  Personal beliefs play a part, but CrossFitters understand that this “Gym Membership” is expensive for good reason, and mostly members globally have the means to sustain these fees. So, those that have the means to help others, I ask that you assist me this coming holiday season to give and provide to those that are “Less fortunate.”  I am tired of the themes and corporate agendas of helping those that already have the means to help themselves… that’s the American way! Bull!  I am planning to have a food drive and anything of the sort that can be donating in similar ways… so if anyone knows of good, valid charities that can be contacted I would greatly appreciate your help.  Those wanting to get an early start…. Start by bring in can foods, clothing, and any other non-perishable items to the gym and we can start collecting early and have a MASSIVE quantity that we as a “GYM” can give to “Our” community.  This community is ours…. let’s make it as we’d like to see it… and something years from now can be proud of.

1st Of October Year 2019

4 Sets of
Max Effort Strict Pull-Ups
30 Sec L-Hold
45 Sec Max Effort Weighted Plank Hold
2 Min Double Unders

20 T2B
50 Double Unders
15 Cleans – Reps decrease every round as the weight increases… Starting @135/95 – 315/205 as was seen in the Open last year.
***Most of this workout will be explained during class.  I took the modalities from an Open workout that has appeared a couple times in years past (I’m not expecting this to show up again, but it is well structured and well balanced) to bring to attention as the Open is literally right around the corner.  I tweaked it to an extent, but kept the overall intention so that it could be a great workout for EVERYONE.  If you’d like to see the original format to get a better idea of it simply Google, “Open workout 19.2” ***

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