September’s Legend Of The Month!


We had a great time this weekend at CrossFit Holloman at Holloman Airforce Base.  Jazz and Steve took First Place in the scaled division and Teka and I won first in the Rx’d sharing the podium with Sky and Matt.  It was a load of fun and I can’t wait for the next one!  Jeremiah was our right hand guy and was pretty much the reason for our podium finishes!  Thanks Jeremiah!  I posted some pics that I had of the event on the facebook page if you guys want to check out and download for your screen saver on your phones!  Thanks for making it so much fun guys!!

September Legend of The Month!  Chau Tran!  Chau is in the midst of her medical school program and that alone demands so much.  With a lot on her plate, she is still making a priority to train, and still come in pretty much everyday.  I have no idea how she does it.  She competed at Desert Games and trained for it as much as anyone else.  I randomly see her walk into the gym doors at 5am on days she can’t make the evening classes, and rearranges her schedule to assure she doesn’t miss.  Delilah text me one morning after her and I were actually discussing how amazing Chau is.  Chau continues to improve week after week along side of having the demands that medical school weighs on those students.  Delilah’s innate observation of Chau’s determination and hard work led her to nominate Chau for Legend Of The Month…. I couldn’t have agreed more, and with great timing.  The medical students we have continuously have to change their entire lives with each new rotation, many times even leaving the city and state.  Chau just had what seemed to be a very difficult rotation, but still expressing what hark work is in her world she continues to impress me.  I am honestly not one that is easily impressed (shocker… I know right haha) I actually am rarely impressed.  That’s what led to the beginning of our Legend Of The Month Award… seeing extraordinary acts and valiant efforts from people and mostly it is about the people themselves.  Chau embodies the spirit of that and honestly probably is overdue for the award.  She moves incredibly well, always has a great attitude (That’s a big one!), works hard, puts in the effort, and is paying off 10 folds!  She learned pull-ups super fast from her hard work and perseverance to get them down, and now must have said to herself, “Those are cool… I’m guna learn those now.”  And I constantly see her grabbing and band and practicing that skill, asking questions about them, and I see that drive to “Just be better.”  What a remarkable young woman that is on the doorstep of so much ahead of her, I am genuinely excited and anticipate great things from her towards her academic career and athletic progress (which has come so freaking far, and so much more to come!).  She is going to be a great doctor!

Congratulations Chau!  You earned it.


9th Of September Year 2019

Back Squat
3×5 @78%1RM
3×3 @85%1RM
2×1 @90-92.5%1RM

750m Row – 500m Row – 250m Row
Thrusters @75/55
**This was Friday’s workout that I changed last minute because it was the first Friday of the month and that day is obviously “From The Hat” so I saved it for today. Enjoy.

Here are all the workouts we had from “From The Hat”  They always fill up the board, but I thought this month’s would overflow! Great job everyone!  You worked hard on these tough workouts! ↓⇓↓⇓↓⇓↓⇓↓⇓↓↓⇓↓⇓↓⇓


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