I Love Protein! Protein Rocks!


Picture Credit to “The Tiffinator”

Here’s some helpful pics that may be helpful to anyone trying to approach their protein intake from a different angle. Protein’s primary function is NOT used as an energy source. It is a macronutrient that takes a lot of energy to break down…. enough so, that it almost equally offsets the energy that it does provide (∼2-5% of energy is actually used from protein at a resting state… it becomes closer and closer to 0 as intensity of physical activity increases).  Protein DOES a lot for bodily function, and is NECESSARY to maintain structural and functional integrity of the body.  Protein, itself comes from the greek prefix meaning “of prime importance.”  Its main contribution is to build, or anabolism (tissue building processes).  Cautious when looking up info on nutrition concerning proteins… my textbook when I was in school gave that the average adult is about 12-15% of body mass is protein.  About 10-12kg Protein.  And, about 6-8kg of protein is found in skeletal muscle.  The average diet contains ∼10-15% of Protein.  These are standards from my textbook regulated by the ACSM (They don’t like CrossFit, but it’s ok because we don’t like them either) but the problem is the this is old data.  It never got updated from the research done to conclude such figures.  They were take from US soldiers in the 70’s, the majority of those subjects were young white males averaging about 150lbs, and 125lbs for women.  Changing the subject… you know when you go out to buy “supplements,” the packages claim a lot of things.  “Scientifically tested,” “Clinically proven,” yatta yatta yatta.  These test are done from the companies own test and are not university study-based, peer reviewed research published studies.  They can legally say whatever they want… and there is no regulation behind any of this at all!  Literally eve you can go out today and make and supplement and the FDA can’t do skwaat about it (Unless you kill a few people… and it has to be a few… if it’s just one they probably still won’t do anything).  What these big companies do is look at the big AA chains, Amino acids.  You probably seen that word before…. it is essentially broken down protein (the building blocks of protein).  The peptide bonds linking amino acids into chains have the potential of combinations of >50 AA that then form a protein.  The human body can form ∼80,000 different types of proteins!! The supplement world targets the bigger, more well-known chains and those are the much advertised amino acids.  Before I end this, here are some numbers, we all like numbers, that we can use as a guideline to our protein approach, perspective, and intake.

Recommendation –The body is the body is the body… meaning it functions similar for us all, but differs only by need of wants and desires and goals

  • 18-65 y.o. = 0.83g Protein/Kg body mass/ day(24hrs)
  • Infants/ growing children = 2-4g/ Kg/ Day
  • Pregnant women increase by 20g/Day
  • Nursing mothers increase by 10g/Day
  • Hard Training (CROSSFITTERS!! LOL JK)= ∼1.2-1.8g/ kg/ Day

A Must Watch ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓

6th Of September Year 2019

3 Clean and Jerks @135/95
3 Burpees
3 Thrusters

Thrusters @75/55

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