Westside Barbell

There is a new documentary that recently dropped on Netflix (Netflix should sponsor me as often as I promote it) called “Westside vs. The World.”  It’s about the strongest gym in the world… Westside Barbell.  They’ve produced the strongest individuals in the WORLD!  CrossFit was better than anything out there by bringing in the best people in their world to teach what they know and presented that on the mainsite.  The mainsite has a vast library of information that if you dive into, you can learn more there with a 50 dollar annual fee than you can through a 4 year undergraduate degree program at any college.  Years ago it use to be 15 dollars… people were outraged when they bumped up the price… but the content continued, and the production quality got so much better… things get more expensive, that’s how the world works.  I remember getting to watch a video just every once in a while, and watching Louie Simmons talk about his gym and the Conjugate System.  I couldn’t wait for the next video CrossFit.com posted about this guy.  He just had it and knew it!  I saw another video recently from Mark Bell reviewing the video.  A former employee of Louie tells about his relationship with him and how Louie fired him, but asking people to support the movie and not pirate it, but buy it on iTunes or wait to see it on Netflix…. and then I see it on Netflix.  Couldn’t wait to just put some things aside and watch this once teacher of mine that I tried to learn from (conjugate system and how the Russians trained is incredibly demanding and too complex for this guy so it didn’t last long, like the Bulgarians but they had even harder training… only bred Bulgarians could train this).  This is around the time when I wanted to get strong!  I even did this thing called GOMAD…. it stands for A Gallon Of Milk A Day… yes I drank a gallon of milk a day for 3 weeks.  I wanted to do 6 weeks because the longer you stayed on it the stronger you were suppose to get, buy I was working a couple jobs at the time and bathroom access and privacy was a must on this plan.  3 weeks was my max.  It helped a little.  Anyways, check out this special movie… it probably isn’t for everyone though, but I use to love coming across stuff like that and would fire me up, especially since videos of that were almost nonexistent, and once they would drop on the CF Journal I’d spend days watching and learning.

3rd Of September Year 2019

Back Squat
4×4 @80%1RM
2×3 @82.5%1RM

4 Intervals of 2 Minutes on: 1 Minute off:
7 Devil’s Press
8 Toes To Bar
9 Overhead Squats
ME Handstand Push-Ups
** The focus is transition… and transition FAST. It is said so many times, sometimes our accommodated resistance to words losses their breath and depth and even value. By design, this one “Pays to be a winner,” as you will have to be quick from movement to movement to accumulate an adequate number of HSPU’s. Push the pedal to the medal. CrossFit is hard… life is hard…. you can do hard.

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