We will be Open for every class beginning with 9:30am and on. 5 and 6am will be closed for this Labor Day Holiday. I hope everyone enjoys their day off.

Considering Labor Day that honors the American Labor Movement and the power of collective action by laborers (thank you Wikipedia), we will have a nice little team workout. The American spirit of working people has always been a source of collaboration and group efforts. Being a strong team is like being a great family. Unlike the fitness industry outside our global community, putting on headphones and getting on a treadmill and roaming from machine to machine like cattle… CrossFit’s results has been greatly influenced by its Methodology and way of bringing people together. If you step into the doors of an adequate CrossFit gym for any amount of time you’ll see the concept live and unscripted… like individuals have been doing it their entire lives. So, happy Labor Day and come get your workout in! Do it for MERICA.

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