Our Beautiful Flag


Oh boy do I love our country’s flag. It’s beautiful. The story we learn when we are kids about it is amazing and so are its physical characteristics… the stars and stripes. There just isn’t one out there more special. Thank you so much Brian! I unfolded this beast and didn’t realize how big it was…. it’s perfect! I am going to treasure it forever.

I mentioned I wanted to get all of our military flags in our gym, and when Brian handed me this gift, and after I hung it up, I realized I’d rather get the flags from those who served that respected branch. It meant a lot to me and was way more meaningful than me going to a store to purchase them. So, if you come across one and are willing to donate them I will put them up. LCPD, sheriffs, border patrol, fire, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, I’d like to even have the nurses represented with the amount of you all in attendance at our gym. MERICA!

13th Of August Year 2019

4 Sets Of:
15-20 GHDs
3 Weighted Pull-Ups
4 Strict Pull-Ups
5 L Pull-Ups
6 Kipping Pull-Ups
45 Sec Max Weighted Plank Hold

750m Row
With remaining time complete as many Clean and Jerks @135/95 as Possible!

***Desert Games Athletes*** This is your main focus for today. Some fine tuning to keep these movements fresh going into the weekend.  We’ll hit something hard tomorrow just to keep conditioning up but not that’ll leave you sore and wrecked and then Thursday and Friday will be mobility and some very light active recovery movement flow session
EMOM 30- Alternating (Go Just above weights used in your division… e.g.5-10#’s if possible but stick with reps per minute)
7 Front Squats + 5 Box Jumps Overs
7 Deadlifts + 5 Burpee Over Bar
7 Sprawling Devil’s Press
30 Sec Assault Bike
1 Heavy Clean

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