Greg Glassman Changes In Our Community And The HealthCare At Large

If the blog is too long to read, I encourage you to at least watch the videos. The one above is lengthy but worth the watch if you are on of many confused, or have a bad taste about the changes in CrossFit. The ones below are easier watches that are profound in their content and intentions to spread the awareness of the acts that come against CrossFit and what we do.

I’ve several discussions about the changes CrossFit has been implementing throughout this season.  At first reaction I was upset and couldn’t believe in CrossFit, whom I so deeply believe in to my core, was doing so abruptly.  I heard from all over the panic from the CrossFit community and had my own reactions and feeling about it.  I wouldn’t constantly tell myself, “Believe in Greg… he’s always been the one to make the hard decisions, and has ALWAYS looked out for his affliates first…. have faith.”  And he has done so.  I many ways which we don’t, or can’t even see.  He’s fought off Anthos several years ago when he and his wife separated and she sold her half to them, putting them in a position which set panic in the community at whole.  They offered him a riiiiidiculous amount of money to sell and make the affliates act like any other corporation.  They would have decided our hours of operation, what our uniforms had to be, our hiring and firing policies, and told him right away that letting affliates sell their own tshirts had to be the first thing that stops.  Greg said right then and there that he would be getting this out of everyone’s hands, including his own.  “It’s too precious of a thing,” he said. “I would unaffiliate over tshirts,” he said.  He changed my life in more ways than one and he will never know.  When you identify your core values, every decision from there becomes easy. If you’re a business, a family, or just a person that wants to identify that to better themselves. I heard Greg say in my early years of self-study, and I felt as if he was speaking directly to me, Integrity is doing “All of the right things, for all he right reasons, all of the time,” that became a core value that’s been a core value ever since. That word happens to be in a lot of people’s and corporate mission statements but many times fail to its definition… because it’s not a core value that they live and breathe by that is at the source of how they go about making decisions. Right now, trying to make my business grow, I take every spare time and moment to study and learn what I need to do to make it excellent.  I’m in a place right now where I am trying to be a better person, and am learning how to do that so that I can provide the important things to people so we can all have a better life… and live doing CrossFit with a fulfilled life into our 90’s.  I recently ordered 11 books that have been an influence to those who have influenced me.  I had the pleasure of talking with Annie Sakamoto when I got my Level 2 at Dave Castro’s Ranch, and I asked her if she still communicates with Greg much.  She told me that he has been busy with other things and that she hasn’t heard from him in a while.  I asked her this because at the time he had been absent from the content CrossFit tended to release and I found that odd.  When they did show him he’d be all over the world fighting against the legislative accusations against the ACSM and NSCA statements about CrossFit’s injuries and that it kills people.  He put all of his time and a ton of resources in the fight against that, and found that those associations actually falsified data that they used to make their claims!  These are the organizations that in my education and credentials were all “ACSM” and “NSCA” protocols and guidelines!  All my books and tests… everything! They’re biggest sponsor is Coca Cola. Who’s been the ones who have been zero sugar? CrossFit.  The human body is the human body, and you can’t take away from that, but those that are caretakers of the “spirit” of what it stands for I cannot be behind.  He mentioned once that the Anthos things was not the first.  He would get contacted by corporations of the sort multiple times a week telling him how rich he could be if he just_____ blank… fill in the blank and use his position to make affliates be a McDonald’s essentially.   Is Greg Glassmen a genuine man, yes.  Is he looking out for us and doing everything for our community and the future that could go in so many directions if anyone other than Greg be in his position, yes!  After seeing this video, I finally am understanding the changes and their intentions.  More than that, I am on board with the mission.  I understand that it gave a bad taste to many people so I would encourage everyone to make some time to watch this.  I am resisting writing about so many things that he discussed, but I feel it best to hear from him directly.  But I feel he isn’t planning to make next year a great year… he’s looking 20-30-forever years ahead and changing what corrupted systems have infected our way of life.  One of the first political conversations I’ve ever had was with my family a few weeks ago.  I never do so because 1. I’m not going to change “your” mind, and you aren’t going to change “mine” just by talking about it, it just isn’t likely.  What will happen is argument and inevitably and hurt feelings.  What it also will never do is change anything…. the way to make a change is from top, in a position of Authority.  I believe that’s what Greg is doing.  He’s trying to change the healthcare industry so from the top it trickles down, and will pour much resources to do so, so that it changes to be one that functions the way it is intended to and should.

Alot of videos and content, but very much important and essential where we are in our mission.


9th Of August Year 2019

Build to a heavy Clean and Jerk in 8 Minutes. (Remember the talk about Neo in the Matrix… “Know thyself.” It helps to have a plan. 8 minutes is a tight window to build to a max load)

For Time
50 Thrusters
30 HSPU’s
50 OHS
**Every minute at the start of the minute do 5 burpees

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