Happy Birthday to One Of My Best Friends

Wow this video takes me back to my early years finding CrossFit. It was untapped and unknown. Look at the video quality! Annie Sakamoto is one of the most genuine, authentic, nicest, and charismatic women I have ever met.

Don’t forget if you want to add another day of training without beating your body down, take advantage of what is most commonly known as “Active Recovery” on Thursday’s.  The best thing for your body when it is sore and tight is to MOVE!  Get blood throughout your body and just breathe a little heavier than a warm up pace for pretty much as long as you want to, or have time to, go for.  I’ll have a piece up programmed Thursday’s on the back white board for those that want to implement this much needed day to our weeks training volume.  It’s also a great day to work skills and use drills to better address any inefficiencies noticed that we’ve come across (biases on left or right side, anterior or posterior discrepancies. Any ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, or thoracic dysfunction).  But, really it becomes a great day to give the body what it may be missing, along with perhaps just spending time getting better at MU’s, or handstand walks, or learn the footwork on those darn rope climbs, or even use some of the equipment we don’t normally use during the normal weeks programming.  Or just come in and enjoy a nice ice cold FitAid!

I want to mention really quick how much I appreciate our 6:30 crew. You guys always do such a great job with helping put things up (So do a lot of you guys throughout the day), but today was my older sister’s bday and my fam was waiting for me at the restaurant but before I knew it, without even saying anything, you guys had everything put away. Also, especially with this women’s program we have you all have helped with that, but everyday you guys do so well. So to you all I greatly appreciate it and thank you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE!!! Love you and you’re welcome for always being such a great role model that you could look up to. LOL… just kidding you are the an amazing, strong, and beautiful women, and I don’t know what I did to deserve such a wonderful sister.

7th Of August Year 2019

Tabata – Alternating
Goblet Squats


Elizabeth – Another classic CrossFit benchmark workout to add to journal
Cleans @135/95
Ring Dips
**The cleans can be performed either Power or squat…. at this weight I recommend Power as that requires less musculature not performing the range of motion of the squat. Also, the Hookgrip is our frieeeeeend!

Extra work…. Just for funzies
75 Deadlifts @135/95
***Every time you drop the bar Run 200m

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