Nutrition Challenge!


A few gentlemen from the 6:30pm class decided to do a nutrition challenge amongst themselves.  I need to mention that they did so ON THEIR OWN.  I had no influence in its initiation.  I like that… a lot.  Me and a couple unbiased individuals will be choosing the winner based on their standards they decided, as a group, on how they wanted the challenge, and its winner, to be structured by.  Essentially the one with the biggest change wins.  These guys are a little crazy though.  They each put in 500 DOLLARS!!  If that doesn’t give you an incentive to try to win, I don’t know what will haha.  Thinking about it this week I was inspired by their acts and willingness of putting this together to use it to try to better themselves.   So…. to follow in these brave and crazy souls footsteps I decided to do a challenge for the entire gym!  Anyone who wants to participate is encouraged to do so.  I’ll have more of the specifics (like how long it’ll be and what measurements we’ll use to decide the winner) on the details later, but I think we’ll have only a 20 dollar entry fee for each participant.  I think a runner up would be a consideration as well, but the winners will get the entire pot from everyone’s entry fees!!  None of it will go anywhere else.  Also, the winner will get a pair of Metcons that I will donate for the challenge!  Why wouldn’t you want to try to win?!  I think I want to enter!  But, unfortunately I will resist and let this be for you guys and gals.  Also, I think we’ll start this after the Desert Games so those participating can enter and not have to worry about restricting anything that may compromise their performance for game day.  Tell each other about it!  Tell your mom!  Tell your dad!  Tell your friends!  Everyone and anyone is encouraged and welcomed to participate!  I think this will be just a cool and fun way to get people to think a little more and being healthy and most want to loose a little weight too, so why not have a chance to win some mula and some Metcons along the way!

2nd Of August Year 2019

***I can’t believe it’s already August!!! We’ve been opened for 7 months already!  Times flys when you’re having fun!



Also, don’t forget this Saturday we are doing Tie Dye Brosesh…. that is after brosesh!

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