Who’s In For Desert Games!?

Desert Games is right around the corner again! We always have an outstanding attendance for this competition, and has become one of the biggest CrossFit events in the region! I’d like to encourage you to start looking, and talking, to your gym PIC (Partner In Crime) and start planning some teams. I’d like to ask those who are planning on participating to come to this Saturday brosesh, or at least Open Gym so we can talk about it, and start the Competitors Template (Our Competitors Template training is different than Performance Template training. The goals are different, so of course the programming is varying). This will be done as extra work during the week, a few days a week, and after teams have been established, we will have Saturdays to practice training with your team. Text me with questions and/or talk to your coach about it… or just ask the person next to you on your next workout in the gym… this event is always amazing and super fun… and best part is we will go to texas stateline after to chow down a well deserved meal. Competing is always so satisfying and fulfilling after its does and said… ask the Legend of the Month how it feels after… she’ll tell you how great the feeling of accomplishment is from preparing and competing on that competition floor. Nerves like you never felt! But, defining and worth exploring… Exhilarating!

4th Of June Year 2019

3 Sets of:
8 Bulgarian Split Squats
8 Strict Press
45 Sec Max Weighted Plank

“Annie” 2.0
Begin with 75 Walking Lunges
Toes To Bar
Double Unders
Finish with 75 Walking Lunges

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