Gymnastics Elements Session (GES)


When you get your First Muscle-Up…

I will be adding a Gymnastics Elements Session once a week for the next month or so. We’ll either have this as half of our hour we step aside and do weightlifting (followed by classic weightlifting for half an hour or finish the class with a fun EMOM), or half an hour before Brosesh. It will be focused on the infamous Muscle-Ups and handstand walks. We’ll keep it simple with the title but spend the half hour focusing on these specific skills, working towards understanding the motor theory, concepts and principles (I like that name), and movement proficiency, but mostly just having an eye on you while working the drills. Let’s get these bad boys and make them tools that work for you and adding them to your toolbelt!

6th Of June Year 2019

1 Snatch + 2 OHS

15 Burpees
Then 2 Rounds of the following DB Complex…
12 Dumbbell Deadlifts
9 Dumbbell Push Press
6 Dumbbell Front Rack Squats

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