Interval Work Works Real Good

Interval work works real GOOD! For our purposes we don’t need to get into the bioenergetics of how energy systems work. Just know interval work addresses a specific system. An anabolic system, that for us, is fast pace all out effort intensity. The rest should recover us enough so that the pace should be maintained high. There will be a little fall off but the idea is to push hard and maintain the intensity levels from the first round throughout each Interval to obtain the maximum result from this high stimulus work and rest ratio structured workout. That sounded like a run on sentence….. Don’t forget about the box Leslie is going to ship out on the 20th to Vicki that’s out in Houston. Let’s send her with a great and amazing reminder that we are all thinking about them and wishing all the best!

15th Of May Year 2019

Spend 15 Minutes on 1 or 2 gymnastic movements to better yourselves towards a goal or introduce yourself to a new skill or drill… maybe muscle-ups?? Think as this time being spent like GOAT training.

8 Intervals of 2 mins on: 1 min off
Interval 1-4
10 Power Snatches
5 Wallcrawls
ME Overhead Squats
Interval 5-8
16 Walking Lunges (In front rack)
ME Row/Assault Bike

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