Dumbbells and Barbells


Today was another grinder… as Josh Bridges would say “Gut check,” workout. Sometimes you just need to go after something just to see how you’ll get it done… if you’ll get it done. But, now after the storm passes and the winds stop you can say to yourself, “I did this. I finished and I didn’t give up.” That important that you can tell yourself that at any age, at any season, and at any situation, so that next time you are faced with such adversity, or obstacle, you can announce you’ve been through worse and you can overcome that as well.

Establish A Heavy Hang Power Clean + Power Clean

Ladder Increasing by 3’s
Dumbbell Walking Lunges (DB in each arm)
Toes To Bar

Rest 4 Mins

Ladder Increasing by 3’s
Devil’s Press
Handstand Push-Up

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