The Final Workout!


19.5 is here!  The Open comes and goes pretty quick.  It feels like our winters here in New Mexico and before you know it, the summer is here, and here to stay!  We had a few brave souls kick off our final workout as soon as it was released, and they dug deep in this one.  Fortunately, there is a time cap because this is possibly the most demanding and difficult of the five.  This is the only workout I feel that scaled may be a better option for some.  I definitely encourage that if you do not have chest to bar pull-ups to consider scaled.  We are all very familiar with thrusters so, this is more so about the gymnastic movement for this decision.  Make sure that the thrusters are done that gives you the best chance at getting your chest to the bar and meeting that standard… we don’t want to start getting no repped on our first set of 33.  That means making sure we use the legs as much as we can to LAUNCH that bar overhead and save the arms for where it really matters… the Pull-Ups.  There is a significant difference with chest to bar pull-ups, but I feel they are one of the most difficult versions of pull-ups, especially butterflying them (almost more so than strict).  So, don’t make the mistake of taking them lightly.  Start your set of 33 very conservative.  That means dropping before you think you need to.  You DO NOT want to blow up on you first set, and fight to survive for the next 15 mins.  Dropping early and breaking up your sets in a way that’ll keep you moving is key.  We will probably go to singles and if we can keep chipping at them that way, know that that is fine.  Hitting big chunks with big sets if not how to approach this one.  There is a reason there is a story called the Tortoise and the Hare.  The tortoise comes out in these workouts sometimes and this is one.  Steady is fast.  Sounds funny, but failure at those darn chest to bar pull-ups is the primary error we want to avoid.  Come in early any day you are planning to attack this beast and make sure we are WARM!  Go in feeling your body hot and primed for the demand you are going to ask of it.  Barrel Racers are know for taking care of their horses almost more than anyone, it’s a barrel racing thing :/ haha, but they will warm up there horses throughout the day and prep them in every way possible to get them to perform optimally.  Your body will fight you for 20 mins if we go into this one cold.  Your joints need to be permeable with lots of blood flow and so do your muscles… they crave that.  The muscular, ligamentous, and tendinous junctions needs that heart rate up a bit before you throttle that engine and ask it to go from 0 to 65 in 3.2 seconds.  Even consider a cool down for this one.  Get on the bike or a rower for 5-10 mins to cool down slowly… your body will be a crazy acidic state that cooling down slowly will help clear some of that out.  But, remember, it is just another workout and you have done stuff like this before, and many times.  You are ready… you are capable… you are strong.  Life is what is hard…. YOU CAN DO HARD.

Time Cap 20 Mins
Thrusters @95/65 65/45
Chest To Bar Pull-Ups or Jumping Pull-Ups

Good Luck! And make sure we finish this stronger than how we started!!

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