Still Sore?

Anyone still sore from 19.3?  What a workout… extremely demanding, and in so many different ways.  It’s a gut check for the first two movements and should have been to give the very best tie break time.  There will be so many people in the “first handstand push-ups realm,” it’ll come down to that tie break time.  But none the less, great job!  I am still so surprised they had a workout like this in the Open, but happy in many aspects.  I think a big factor, I would assume, that led to this was the very debatable standards that handstand push-ups had last year.  I believe their attempt in limiting those standards was to just make this movement strict this year, and CrossFit is well known to always increase the demand of current abilities… making it strict certainly does that.

Legend of the Month!  Here she is strutting her stuff (and a little blushing) getting her certificate.  Make sure you give some love to Melanite, and congratulate her for her progress, attitude, and noticeable improvements across the board.  What a joy it is to have her in this community and see this beautiful flower bloom in the sunlight.

11th Of March Year 2019



Thrusters @95/65
Thrusters @115/80
Thrusters @135/95

***This Workout is pretty demanding so make you we scale accordingly to the increasing loads and accommodate to the intention of the gymnastics movements with this pull-ups. TRY NOT TO TEAR!! It’s not worth tearing this week right in the middle of the Open. If you think you might tear, think about breaking your pull-ups up early to avoid going to failure, and having your hands start to grind of the high bars prematurely considering the length of this workout.


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