John Was Right!


John you nailed that one!  I didn’t think they’d put strict movements in the Open, but here we are.  Luckily we got plenty of practice Monday, so you’re pros now.  No, this workout is cruel!  Aaron came in and tested it for me… what a good friend, haha.  That pain face and the after shot says it all.  This is a just a gut check until the handstand push-ups.  Go hard, and go fast, through the lunges and box step ups and give yourself a chance to squeeze out some handstand push-ups.  If you plan to go scaled, I recommend talking to us before you do.  We can do Rx’d, and if you are not satisfied with the outcome we always have the option of redoing it before it has to be submitted.  So I would encourage you all to try Rx’d if you can get through the Overhead Walking Lunges, before defaulting down to scaled just because of the handstand push-ups.

8th Of March Year 2019

200′ Overhead Walking Lunges @50/35
50 Box Step Ups @50/35
50 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
200′ Handstand Walk or Bear Crawl

Extra Work If You Want Some More

Alternating EMOM 14
5 Reps of a Barbell Movement (E.g. Cleans, Snatches, Back/Front Squat off the rack, Deadlifts, etc)
10 Pull-Ups



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