Partna’ Workout

Partner workouts are always a great way to go after some gainz and have fun while you do it!  So call that BFF ahead of time and get them to the gym so you guys can Partna’ up.  haha.  I do really enjoy these workouts.  They do a great job of pushing the pace… because as you will be working your Partna’ will be working until you complete the work.  So HUSTLE! Here, the time it takes your partner to complete the 15 of both hang power cleans and burpee you will hold either a sandbag, slamball, or stone… then you will switch with your partner. So, the longer you take to complete your 15’s, the longer your Partna’ will be holding that HEAVY ball! Another twist! If the Partna’ drops the bag/ball/stone the Partna’ doing the 15’s must stop as well!! Oh yea, don’t forget to smile!

12th Of March Year 2019 

1 Snatch + 2 OHS

Partna’ 1: Complete 15 Hang Power Cleans @135/95 + 15 Burpees
Partna’ 2: Sandbag Hold

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