One Down Four To Go!


That’s at least two off the list!  I’m glad we got rowing out of the way for this year’s Open.  Simple workout wasn’t it… but very effective.  Ohhh the burn!  My &%$@ and my lats were on fire!  Like many things in life, simple, but not easy.  I can’t wait to see what the other four will be.  John’s been guessing that there will be more strict movements this year…. what do you think it’ll be?  Do you think they will add anything new?  Will there still be a repeat workout from a previous year?  I don’t know I guess we will have to play the waiting game and wait to find out.  Where’s Dave Castro in all of this?  He isn’t returning to texts either.  Well let’s get back on track… this week will be normal training Monday – Wednesday, Open Gym on Thursday, and then 19.2 for Friday’s programming.

Thank you to everyone that showed up and did a little judging.  It’s always a little nerve racking keeping score but I think it was a perfect one to start off for some of the less seasoned with that task.  So thanks guys!  It was cool seeing some family and friends go and support as well, so bring them in.  I always love having my family yell at me, “Why are you RESTING!?  Keep going!  Don’t look at me!”  And then like analysts dissect my performance later.   Oh!  Before I forget, next week let’s go to lunch.  I am thinking the Game or High Desert Brewery, but we can discuss that later.

Awesome freaking job guys!  I saw so many people going after it.  So much push and try from everyone.  You all really gave an admirable effort and treated it like a competition.  Congratulations and keep that head held high!  A little shot out to David that went MIA for the past week, but showed up and still went hard.  Turns out he got sick, took some time off (so he wasn’t training), and was on antibiotics for his infection, and still went in to do 19.1.  Great job buddy!! (I hope you don’t mind me telling people haha)

If you need to still get in your 19.1, or want to hit a redo, come in to one of the classes and make sure you have you score submitted by 6pm!!

25th Of February Year 2019

Pick Your Poison:
Snatch or Clean
**Must be with a squat**

Build to a Heavy Touch and Go Double

5 Rounds for time of:
15 OHS @95/65
15 Toes To Bar
15 Box Jumps


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