First Open Workout!

Well we finally know what the first workout of the Open will be! 1 of 5… at least we’ll have rowing and wallballs out of the way haha. We’ll have the big day Saturday running everyone through this 15 minute AMRAP. We’ll start at around 10:30, buuuuuut show up a little earlier than that (about 10) so we can have the score sheets ready and have our heats. Let me know if you have to leave a early, and I can have you go first, so come in early to warm up. If you cannot make Saturday you have the option of doing 19.1 during any of the classes Friday. If you plan ahead, and have someone judge for you, that will help a lot as we will still have normal class going on. Last option is on Monday. The problem with that is it would have to be early enough to get the workout done, and your score submitted on time. Ok, back to warming up. Be very warm for this one. If you catch a second wind during the workout, we didn’t warm up properly. Have the engine on for awhile and get a good sweat before it’s your turn to grab that medball after 3..2..1!  You’ll have lots of nerves too… this is normal. Don’t worry about getting in stimulants before the workout (coffee, energy drink, pre-workout). Those come in handy when you have something like a max lift of shorter all out efforts. The nerves will be plenty to tap into for some natural preworkout juice. Get those hips loose!  Ideally have a big mobility session, if you feel like increasing range of motion, either the night before or hours before you go. You don’t want to overstretch right before, but increasing your body temperature and heart rate along with some dynamic stretches can help keep you at an optimal level for those 15 minutes. Do your best to make full reps on the wallballs. That means getting low enough on the squat for it to count and hitting the target. This is what the Open is about! Don’t beat yourself up if you get a “no rep” just take a breathe, pick up that ball and get back at it! You guys should kill this one!  This workout unfortunately is all about the rower. If you can get that bloody medball to that line easily, then focus on being fast on the rower. You will spend significantly more time on the rower than you will doing the wallballs. This is why I often holler and yell at you all to make big and power pulls on the rower. If you are, and efficient with them, you can easily get 1 calorie for every pull. We can talk more about this tomorrow haha. Good luck and give it your best!

22nd Of February Year 2019

19 Wallballs
19 Cal Row

**Remember hundreds of thousands of people are doing this workout this weekend and you are part of that!

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