Strength Day

I have intentionally been programming some pretty tough workouts. This was to make the Open seem more doable. If tomorrow you get a chance to do a google search on “CrossFit Open Workouts” you should find a list. If you go through that list you’ll see that the Open workouts aren’t any more difficult than ones you’ve done before. Getting through some of the workouts you guys have done, makes you well prepared for the Open. It’s like life. When adversity stares you in the face, does it make us turn back, or find another path, or when that fear and doubt come thundering at you like a freight train will you say not anymore… not this time. Make way for me and do your best… for I will do mine.

EMOM 15 The weight through this EMOM should increase as the movement becomes more doable at heavier weights
Min 1-5
3 Power Cleans and 3 Jerks
Min 6-10
2 Power Clean and 2 Jerk
Min 11-15
1 Power clean and 1 Jerk

Squat Clean and Jerk @75% of best clean and jerk from EMOM

Every 90 Seconds for 10 Rounds
Take same weight from AMRAP (75%) and complete 4 Back Squats + 3 Front Squats

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