Open President’s Day

We will be open with all normal scheduled classes tomorrow for President’s Day.  So if you got the day off, or an early day, get a little swole on a Monday.

We’re gonna take a little turn this week having a sort of deload before the Open (a very slight deload).  That’s right!  It’s Open season people!  If you haven’t registered yet, you have time!  You can register at  If you have done the Open before it’s simple, just log in to your previous profile and update your new “you.”  We will be having the Open workouts on Saturday’s starting at 10:30.  Brosesh will resume after the Open season.  If you have a weekend (or all) where you cannot make Saturday’s, you still have the opportunity to do your 19.1-19.5 Friday through Monday during normal class time and submit your score.  Friday’s will be what ever the Open workout is anyways so…. why not!  From my understanding most of the way the Open will be the same as previous years.  They’ll release the workout and you will have until Monday evening to submit your score.  Remember, it’s a great test that let’s you commit to 5 weeks of giving each workout everything you have, and having your entire gym cheer you on, and after you are done forgetting what day it is, or where you are, you get to change roles and do the same for them.  I love that part!  See where you are after a year of training by comparing your previous years and how/where you are now.  I also love how the Open “opens” opportunity.  It’ll show you where, and with what, we need a little more attention.  Is it those bloody double unders?!  It is your strength (guilty for this coach), is it a Pull-Up or Muscle Up.  What ever it is, the Open does a great job of coming face to face with that which we don’t do because there isn’t a choice, we do it or we don’t.  Let that be encouraging because you know what…. just imagine once you can do what ever that thing is, you are that much more capable, skilled, stronger, fitter!  That’s why I call it an opportunity.  It’s a choice, it’s a decision, it’s a chance to better yourself.  I hope to have a great turn out and a lot of participation.  I know a lot of the Open has changed, but don’t let that dicate your decision to participate.  Remember you work out for “YOU.”  You come in and put in the work, the hours, the effort, day in and day out.  It’s not for anyone else.  I had mixed feelings about the changes that were made with the Open, but I finally realized none of that matters.  I do the Open because I want to be held accountable, I want to test myself, and see where I stack up against everyone else, and I want to support those around me as I am supported.  My mom is funny.  If you don’t know she took a pretty bad spill at the gym a few week ago off the bars and literally busted her head on solid concrete.  I took her to the emergency room, and as the nurse and PA were going in and out of the room, she tells us, “Ah man, I’m not gonna be able to do the Open…”  It was funniest thing ever, but she understands that going to the gym and her health, wellness, and fitness is for her and her alone.  That’s what the Open does and is all about.

18th Of February Year 2019

500m Row Immediately Followed by 10 Wallballs
400m Row Immediately Followed by 20 Wallballs
300m Row Immediately Followed by 30 Wallballs
200m Row Immediately Followed by 40 Wallballs
100m Row Immediately Followed by 50 Wallballs
**Rest 1 minute between Rounds or until a rower is available… REMEMBER these are SPRINTS Push the peddle to the medal

**Spend the Remaining Time of Class on 1 or 2 gymnastic movements. Dave Castro called me this weekend and told me there will be Double Unders this year again, so I might be a good idea to practice. I told him, “Surprise, surprise.” Then he called me his best friend and hung up.

Extra Work/Competitor’s Template

Various Handstand Push-Ups
A) Max Effort Strict HSPUs
B) Max Effort Deficit HSPUs
C) Max Effort Kipping HSPUs
D) 50 Kipping HSPUs for time
**Rest as needed between sets

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