Sugar Is EWW!!

muscle up progression_1-4

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Now after all that chocolate we better hit a good cardio workout.

A reminder about Saturday. I will be hosting a muscle up seminar covering the essential and crucial points and theory of both the Ring Muscle Up and Bar Muscle Up. This is for everyone. If you have a muscle up, and simply want to get better at them when 30 Muscle Ups for time shows up this is for you. If you don’t have one, but feel it is time to start practicing drills that will guide your path to muscleupville, this is for you. If you don’t even think a muscle up is in your grasps this is VERY MUCH for you. I will cover the basics and fundamentals that I feel is important to understanding what, and how, a muscle up is achieved. It’s designed as an Introduction seminar to muscle ups, but with a movement as skilled, and held to such royalty in the CrossFit world as MU, the better you understand and master the basics, the better you will become, and better chance you will have at getting your first muscle up. I remember even hearing how Rich Froning would set a clock and for 30 mins, every minute he’d do 10 Air Squats. Even the fittest guy in history practiced the basics. I think he knows a thing or two. I’ve done 24 Unbroken on the rings and a 65 pound (I wanted to add more but I was afraid the weight was gonna hit my jelly beans), and I still constantly assess myself during every, and all, muscle ups I do to get better, and find what works and what doesn’t. Seminar starts at 10. I’ll have coffee and possibly donuts (mostly because I love donuts… so does Dizzy).  Also, be on time. The beginning portion of the seminar is as important, if not more, than the drills themselves that we’ll practice.

15th Of February Year 2019


For first 10 Mins of the AMRAP:
10 Back Squats from the Ground @135/95
5 Wallcrawls

At Minute 10 through Minute 20 of AMRAP:
10 Back Squats from the Ground @185/125
200m Run

At Minute 20 through Minute 30 of AMRAP:
10 Back Squats from the Ground @225/155
20 Handstand Push-Ups

At Minute 30 though 40 of the AMRAP:

It’s Open Season People!!!!!!!

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