CrossFit Open!

Are you thinking about the Open? Have you given any thought about participating in one of the largest fitness competitions in the world? It’s right around the corner, and kinda snuck up on me. I kept thinking, “It’s down the road and I’ll get ready for it,” well it’s HERE!! I’m not the fittest I’ve been nor the strongest this year, and not as prepared as I normally am, but I love the Open. I just get pumped when it shows the areas we need to work on, and I love seeing that spark people get after each week when they see it and start getting after what ever weakness the Open highlighted. No one signs up to win the Open… that’s not why we do it. We do it to be accountable. Someone counts your reps and makes sure we do them correctly, and when that one thing comes up we just don’t want to show up we are forced to face it! Dive in first and no detours! I love that. I’ve seen so many PR’s, and when those pesky double unders come up buy do they make people want to have them down! So sign up and give these 5 weeks everything you got! The atmosphere, and community vibes, having your entire gym cheer you on is the best part! It brings this gym together in a way that we just don’t get throughout the year and you’ll push through a workout like a madman!! You will be better for it.

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