Have you ever done a workout a thought to yourself, “Well, I feel fitter after that one.”  That was how I felt after today.  It was tough.  They are all tough.  Life is hard.  You can do hard.  You are tougher.  I constantly hear how when travelling, our members come back to tell me other gyms don’t have as tough of programming as we do.  We also have drop-ins often tell me how tough our workouts are.  Che Guevara said that one should walk with their face held up towards the sun.  That’s how you should walk, with your head held high because this is not easy, and towards the sun to show that you can overcome anything.  Life constantly brings about obstacles and road blocks, that’s just what’s going to happen… it’s what you do when they show up that counts.  You can either go around the obstacle or be stopped in your tracks by it… or you grab it by the beard and climb over it.  So, just know that day in and day out you guys are doing what others won’t, so that you can do tomorrow what others can’t.

13th Of February Year 2019

2 Rounds
2 Min Hold – Odd object with Sandbag or Kettlebell
2 Min Double Under Practice
1 Min Weighted Plank Hold


Deadlifts @225-155

Sumodeadlift High Pulls @95/65

DB Snatch @50/35

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