7 Years!

I’ve been waiting 7 years to have this picture taken.  It’s my beautiful mother and my two beautiful sisters, just missing my beautiful brother in law 😉 he came in the morning.  I’m a middle child and the only boy so I’m basically the favorite.  This is finally becoming a true family gym.  I love seeing all the other families that come that started one at a time and wished mine would be among those.  I have my wish granted!  I think they always wanted to be part of this but never felt comfortable enough.  The atmosphere is crazy different now and that’s opened up some doors.  Don’t get me wrong, I think of every single one of you guys as fam too!  Just got them family feels right now haha.

12th Of February Year 2019


7 Barbell Biceps Curls
9 RDL’s
9 Seated Dumbbell Strict Presses
7 Tough HSPU’s


8 Intervals of 2 mins on: 1 min off
First 4 Intervals
15 Burpees
Max Effort Clean and Jerks @155/105
Last 4 Intervals
15 Box Jumps
Max Effort Wallballs

The purpose is to induce fatigue and still continue to move through the second movement and add up ass many reps. So hits this piece hard and move FAST (fast is faster!) as there is designated rest incorporated throughout the Intervals. I believe this is am effective way how to get good at certain movements (a little teaser of the muscle up seminar this Saturday…. also that’s one of my secrets. I don’t give those out very often. Wink Wink)



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