Football season is over! What did you think about the superbowl? At least it wasn’t a blow out haha.
I also wanted to see who would be down to go watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse this coming Saturday? I was talking to my cousin today and heard it was awesome, so I thought it would be fun to have a movie night! Also, I know many of you are wondering about payments… it’s a conversation no one likes to have but I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been working on getting a payment system set up for those that want to have an auto pay method. It should be set up early this week along with the remaining paper work that I will bring in and that’ll be done with. Thanks for your patience guys.

I figure tomorrow will be a good day to test a couple things. First a back squat. Let’s get after that weight now and see where we are. In the back squat (along with most lifting techniques) it is important to create as much tension and stability as possible to manage proper form and proper application of force. Remember to take a big breath at the top, hold it, and then let gravity lower you, and then explode up with fire! Taking that breath in allows you to reach a maximum level of rigidity throughout your entire vertebral column. Focus on the lower back to put an emphasis on tension there. At your lower back is where we tend to fail first… we round, loose power, and loose strength there because your body is under a lot of tension it wants to break tension. So approaching the lift with a primary focus there help maintain the prospective that allows you to lift safer with more force because of the proper positioning of the joints and muscle activation. We call this the “Valsalva Maneuver” or “Fluid-Ball Technique.” The best way I can describe it is as there is a lot of fluid in the gut and lower vertebrae, filling your lungs with air keeps that “dead space” occupied by the lungs tight as it pushes down onto the fluid in your stomach area. Think about those big old school swiss balls, and sitting on one. The pressure inside the ball gets tighter the more it is compressed!

Second is Fran! I want to hit this early in the week when we are more fresh and aren’t as sore from the previous training days. Push the peddle to the metal and hang on! This is a sprint workout and needs to be address as so to gain maximum result. Maximum output equals maximum results! That may not be the case with all workouts, especially with new or more skilled type movements, but in a sprint this is crucial! So transition quickly and hit big sets, if not UNBROKEN. This is where what we do is no longer “circuit training,” because there isn’t rest until the work is completed. “Show us the meaning of haste!”

4th of January Year 2019


Establish a Heavy 1 Rep Back Squat


Thrusters @95/65

This is a super old (old in the CrossFit world) video of someone some of you guys may be familiar with… Chris Spealler! I use to watch videos like this and see superheroes! This is the quality of production they use to have… oh how the times have changed! So has the music… it use to be more grungy and underground… fight club style! Also, INGORE the medicine ball under Chris.

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