Honor Where Honor Is Due

I am a strong believer in giving honor where honor is due.  We will start off our Athlete Of The Month with this wild man!  I wanted to have this award be consistent, and now I will. I’ve noticed how much he has been putting in for some time now.  He does the programming, shows up for open gym and works on his weaknesses, and more importantly, doesn’t forget to have fun doing it!  His lifts have gotten stupid good!  He’s put in the work and it shows.  He changed his diet, and to one that is not easy to stick to, so major props to his nutrition.  Arnold Schwarzenegger (I had to look that one up, I wasn’t even close) said abs are made in the kitchen.  The change you want starts there.  So congrats to Cesar Chavez from the 6:30 class!  Cesar is all about “H2O,” so you earned it buddy. You have a lot of heart.  And his saying on his Instagram is “I now walk into the wild,” that’s pretty sick!  I was stalking you Cesar… my bad haha.  

One other thing.  Let’s fill up that goal board.  Veva was our first brave soul to put hers up that was very fitting followed by Kristin.  Dizzy said she will try to be nicer to other dogs…. I doubt her ability to commit to that goal.

Our workout tomorrow will be an Open workout.  Let’s test the water by diving in.  With the Open right around the corner a big component is to be mentally and emotionally prepared.  One of the closest times I had at regionals was when I was training the least I ever did and was doing my internship in college before graduating.  I was learning how to start horses and had an open heart.  I learned a lot that year.  So this one might bring back some unpleasantness but many of the workouts I was looking at from the Open were just too easy for you guys.  Enjoy.  And remember, smile, it’s Friday!

1st of February Year 2019 

Push Press 3-8-4-2
**The idea is to establish a Heavy triple and then a heavy set of 8 (so once you build you are done and you can move on to the next set)… on the set of 4 I want you to attempt the weight you did with your set of 3… then add weight and go for a double!

2 Rounds of:
50ft DB Walking Lunges (50/35)
16 Toes to Bar
8 DB Power Cleans
2 Rounds of:
50ft DB Walking Lunges
16 Bar Muscle-Ups
8 DB Power Cleans


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