After years of coaching, I have found it is important that my members leave the our doors with a win. It is important to be a winner. That “W” is dependent on a perspective that is a consequence of their position. Many of our athletes have high work capacities that sustain high skilled movements consistently. We also have athletes that are beginning to learn the complex movements that we perform, and are just now developing the stamina to maintain those movements in a workout. The position of those athletes comes from opposite ends of the spectrum, but my number one job as a coach is to value the effort of all. This means they win in different ways.

Sometimes when you lose, you win. I have a member that has been training with us for a while now. Let’s call her Bonnie. When Bonnie came for her first Intro session, she told me how nervous and scared she was when she decided to start CrossFit. It was a big deal for her to step into the gym. She didn’t know anyone, her husband was deployed overseas, and didn’t have much experience working out. Months later, Bonnie told me the degree of this decision was one of the hardest she had ever to make. She would drive up and park in our parking lot 30 mins early and cry because she was so scared and afraid. Bonnie would tell me frequently that she was an introvert and didn’t usually go outside of her comfort zone. CrossFit was a major place outside of her comfort zone. Despite this, she still walked through the doors and finished every single workout. We started with something she felt comfortable with and then added challenges small increments at a time. Bonnie made many wins when she first started CrossFit. Everyday was a battle to show up and do the workouts, but knowing her now, you’d never guess. She needs to have an environment where she feels safe, and then she brightens up the room. Now she sets the atmosphere with her charismatic personality that was hidden due to fear and doubt. Bonnie pushes others and holds people accountable to be the best version of themselves. Bonnie is a firebreather in my eyes. A “W” for her is different now than when she first began. That perspective changes just as easily as anything in life changes.

In the movie the Matrix, Morpheus has to find “The one (Neo),” and take him to see the Oracle.  When they get to her front step, Morpheus tells Neo, “I can only show you the door, you are the one who actually has to walk through it.”  It was his way of telling Neo he can show him that the power of being “The One” lies within him, but Neo is the one that must walk out that process. Little by little we are shown the way.  What keeps us on the path is a continuation of opening the doors we are led to.  Jesus has a way of only giving us part of the answer so we can play tag with him and continue seeking him.  That’s what it is all about.  Jesus loves us.  We need only to go the cross for that.  God is never looking for perfection… He does demand pursuit though.  If he wanted perfect people I don’t believe Jesus would have chosen fishermen, tax collectors, and Paul that was intensely killing His people (the Jews).  He chose them because when Jesus went to Simon and said “Follow me,” Simon followed.  Can you think of a time when God asked to be followed?  No condemnation here, we only need to say yes now.  Jesus knew Peter would deny Him three times, but that didn’t stop him from finding Peter.  He also didn’t tell Peter when they met, “And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” -Matthew 16: 18-19 (NKJV).  We all mess up, but the important thing is to stand back up when we fall to continue the walk and communion with your Father.  The miracles in the New Testament were helping those that were down to get back up.  We are still in that covenant.  Winning.  Winning through Christ.  Winning for Christ.  Winning with Christ.  I believe life isn’t about only being saved and going to heaven.  There has to be more than that.  I do enjoy the fact of being saved and knowing where I am going.  I can relish in that thought and end up on my knees in tears from it.  It’s beautiful.  But, I think God wants to walk with us.  He put Adam (Man) on the earth and created him in His image to have someone to commune with… To walk with.  There are a lot of people right now that can just go to heaven, but the bible says we are ambassadors to a kingdom that is “On earth as it is in heaven.”  Jesus is eternally God, but He gave up his throne to become man… I can’t think of a more humbling act than that.  To have Jesus lead by example… And then I am left to do as He did and to be as He is.  I heard the other day Kris Valloton say he doesn’t think God is in heaven.  If that were true Where was He before He made the heavens and the earth?  Heaven is in God…… mind blown!  These mysteries excite me!  That one is just a fun fact that I am having right now lol.

We have to know who we are to know what inheritance there is. The posture of one sits taller when we know what we can inherit because of who God says we are. And, that is a Son, a bride that Jesus is passionate for, a bondslave, a steward of His grace, and servant of the Lord. What is available to you is determined by whether we say yes to it. Consider writing a check and not knowing whether your account has the funds for it or not. You may not write the check at all. We must realize the existence of our identity. We carry the Spirit of God and the Word of the Lord. That’s what being part of the body of Christ is. If you are living from a false identity (An identity outside of who you are designed to be in Christ), everything is going to feel out of your reach. You will carry the burdens of condemnation, fear, doubt, guilt, etc and they will keep you from your true identity unless it is revealed to you. That is the door Morpheus shows Neo, but Neo has to be the one to choose to step through the door.

So, winning isn’t just about doing better than others, it is about not losing. Sometimes when you lose, you win.  Remember though, winning is dependent on what we are trying to accomplish.  Bonnie wanted to start CrossFit… She won because she started. This coming year I want to make regionals in the CrossFit Open. I had the same goal in 2016, however, I came in 60th place out of 8500. Although I did not reach my goal, I learned I was still being a positive influence to my members and that it was important to accept their compliments about my performance despite my internal disappoint. I can’t void my 2016 performance because I was 40 places short of that goal.  My new goal is to show God’s strength.  When an athlete is built differently than the other competition and doesn’t have the training and coaching that others have, yet still places top 4 at an event, I know I did my job because I can feel God by my side when I compete… And I think others see it too.

“Jesus is the word made flesh.
The presence of God is the same as the voice of God.
Whenever you sense the presence, the voice is in the presence.
Whenever you hear the voice, the voice represents the face.”
-Bill Johnson

General Physical Preparedness 

(A1) Back Squat – 5 x 3
(A2) EMOM 8
3 reps Back Squat @ 75-80%

8 Squat Snathces @ 135/95#
12 Pull-Ups

Competitor’s Template

Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean – (1+1)
Min 1-5 @75%1RM
Min 6-10 @80%

Complete a full 8 Intervals of one before moving immediately to the next movement
Hang Power Snatch @ 75/55#
Thrusters @ 75/55#
Overhead Squat @ 75/55#
Push Presh @75/55#

(A1) AMRAP 20
Ladder increasing in increments by 1 rep
1 Squat Clean and Jerk @ 205/145#
1 Weighted Ring MU w/ 14# Medicine Ball
(A2) 10 Rounds with 1 min rest after each Round
5 Deficit Handstand Push-Ups on Parallettes
5 Deadlifts @ 315/225#
1 Power Clean @ 225/155#

****This work load is not meant to be completed all in a single day.****

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