Life Changing Versus Life Enhancing

fb_img_1474400003539“CrossFit saved my life.” This morning, at my 6am class, one of our ladies that started with us four months ago, came up to me bright eyed and with a big smile… you know that smile that goes from ear to ear. She said she lost thirty pounds since starting CrossFit. It changed her life she said. “Today is the day I lost thirty pounds, I don’t know where I would be without it.”  Having to hold back tears when I replied, I began to think about how very little things in life challenge you and take you to a place where these workouts can, and do… Almost as if being bent enough so, to see if you would break.  When you stay the course, you eventually get to the other side, and see what amazing things lie ahead for another chance to leap into the unknown.

I know of this. There is a difference of knowing “about something” than knowing “of something.” I can read about war, but I have never been in one.  to know “of” war only those who have been in it can really know of its magnitude.  I’ve done so many workouts where I know I am in the gym, in a safe environment, but still feel very scared. I feel like giving up. We press through and stay the course. “Changed my life.” Wow. We talked about how monumental and proud of that she should be, and what a great accomplishment that is.  Honestly, if being fit and working out were easy, everyone would do it. The fitness industry itself would collapse if everyone went to their local gym.

Now, getting back on track.  When our pursuit becomes simply to enhance our life, sometimes the outcome is a little dull. I remember when my relationship with God was dull, boring. I sought Him only when I needed something, or when times were bad. Then bad times became more bad times and I stopped seeking him… Until life changed. I found CrossFit, and I found something that I was passionate about. I never was a go-getter in school. I went to class but didn’t do the homework, I didn’t study for exams, I didn’t even register for classes for the upcoming semester on time. CrossFit changed my life too.


So, with all these things I am led to believe that life changing is the pursuit, not merely life enhancing. Jesus came to change people, the church is suppose to change people. Enhancing doesn’t necessarily become the victor. When we look at financial income, the bible says money will answer all things… It also says money is the root of all evil. It is a great tool, but shouldn’t be the pursuit.  You can sell drugs and make money.  That doesn’t mean be a drug dealer.  See how pursuing an increase merely enhances one thing, but neglects what feeds the soul?  The bible also says a wise man leaves an inheritance to their children’s children, but that too, doesn’t mean only money.

I’ve been fortunate to have had experienced and shown how God knows us, better than we know ourselves. He sometimes places us in a position where we can have great revelation, growth, advancments, and relationship, even if it comes thru great discomfort. I know that when I prepare a workout or plan My programming, a lot of that will come with degrees of discomfort. Something’s are and are going be hard and uncomfortable, but if our eyes our on Jesus even in the storm you can walk on water too.

I know I am a rich man by the values my parents invested in me. I know my financial inheritance doesn’t come close to what my parents gave me by teaching me what it means to be a good mom and dad. The love they gave me, and still give me counts significantly more. In facts, that’s all that matters.  That is how I know I am rich. My future kids will also inherit those values.

I wanted to end off with asking what are you pursuing? I came across the story of when Jesus was explaining to His followers that others will know of His disciples by their fruit, not by their gifts. He spoke a lot about fruit. I think there is something really big to that. “You can feed someone with fruit, not with gifts,” as Damon Thompson says. We don’t have the time to get too off track, but understanding of what fruit is and what it can do is best in Galacians 5:22. When you are able produce fruit from a word from God, acknowledge that it is character based, not service based.  It is not judged by how well we perform but whether we do as He says.  That’s where that seed has a chance to manifest into fruit.  Do you love your child only when they hit home runs?  We are here to serve the Lord, we know this. We are servants of the Lord, but if we get too caught up in performing from that demension we begin to only function from that demension… Assessing whether right or wrong becomes having and getting, and service becomes performance based.  I wrote a few weeks ago that God doesn’t ask for perfection, but He demands Pursuit. In Chapter 2 of the book of Revelation, John talks about a church that is doing a lot of good, things today you don’t even hear about, but it was almost all discredited when they lost their, “First Love.” Most of us have heard of that. First love. Love with the desire we first had when finding Jesus. The first time really feeling how much God loves you … and it’s a lot -John 3:16

Remember how bright light shines in the dark. Dullness is the absence of brightness. Dull is boring, monotonous, and color-less. We are meant to live extraordinary lives. Jesus said to do greater things than He did…. I don’t know what that looks like but I want to see that.

General Physical Preparedness

A) EMOM 12
Min 1-3; 4 reps @ 65%
Min 4-6; 3 reps @ 75%
Min 7-9; 2 reps @ 85%
Min 10-12; 1 rep @ 90%+

B) Push Press; 1 rep
Push Jerk; 2 reps
Split Jerk; 3 reps
BTN Split Jerk; 4 reps

8 Thruster @135/95#
10 Toes to Bar

Competitors Template 

A1) Clean Lift Off w/ 2 sec pause + Hang clean + Jerks – (1+1+2) @ Heavy complex
A2) EMOM 12
Front Rack Walking Lunges; 6 steps at 185/135#
** last 4 mins increase weight **

Every Thrity Seconds (ETS) for 16 mins
1 Snatch @185/125#
1 Bear Complex @185/125#
3 Bar MU

Hang Power Sn @ 95/65#
2 Rounds of Cindyish **w/ wallballs sub for air squats
Hang Power Clean @165/115#
2 Rounds of Cindyish **w/ wallballs sub for air squats
Back Squats @185/135#
2 Rounds of Cindyish **w/ wallballs sub for air squats

Double KB Clean and Jerks @1.5 pood
Ring MU

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