What Seed Are You Planting

dsc_0639-1I like to ask people the question, what seed are you planting? Then I explain that after you plant a seed there must be a process that involves a period of time. After this comes the harvest. This can be approached in a few different ways… Are you planting a seed and expecting this seasons harvest… Or are you planting a seed to grow an oak tree? Now either response can be correct… I just want you to ask yourself if it is the right answer for you. Lately I’ve seen an abundance of progress from my athletes…. Literally EVERYONE. Some of the workouts we’ve had recently have been very demanding and even intimidating. For many of them, these demands in seasons past would not have been doable, mentally or even physically. But now I see people doing things successfully that, were if in a different season in that person’s life, would have not been doable.

When we try to understand this process in an area in our life where we are waiting and expecting growth, we can not disturb the seed. Uncovering the seed prematurely can damage the seed. We sometimes become impatient when it doesn’t sprout within the time frame we want… I know on a number of occasions where that has prevented my seed from growing. When Jesus was going to get baptized by John the Baptist, God spoke audibly saying, “This is my son with whom I am well pleased.” Immediately after that Jesus was sent into the wild where He was tempted. In the wilderness, the devil tried to get Jesus to doubt who He was when he said to Jesus “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” The miracle of turning bread from stone wasn’t the sin, it was even more than tempting Jesus to doubt who He was… It was the devil trying to get Jesus to do something prematurely. The devil was questioning Jesus to get him to doubt who he was after God had just told him who he was. See how we can sometimes be deceived.

I see a lot of this in exercise. We don’t see the results we want, and are working hard expecting quick gain. There is a process. I know through repetition I will see my gain. If I choose a specific movement and repeatedly do the movement I know I will gain strength depending on the demand I place. I WILL get stronger. You have to STAY THE COURSE. Persevering is more than just continuing down a path… Persevering is something that when you get to the other side through walking it out you are victorious. You become triumphant in your efforts. The word begins with the word “try,” and ends with a big ‘ol “umph!” I stole that from the movie “Happy Feet.” If you watch that movie you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.

Many times in my training I learned more from missed attempts at a personal record than any successful attempt…. All the successful lifts do is tell me that I did something right. It doesn’t say how I can make it better. When I am lifting until failure, I am trying to find where my limit is, and where I fail first is where I am weakest. Picture a maximum effort deadlift. Generally, people will lift and their legs will keep moving but their back will give out and round. When that happens the lift is missed because the back is not strong enough. It’s the limiting factor.

So what seed are you planting? Are we in a place that we want this season’s harvest? Are we farming for next season or are we investing in longevity? I tell those that have taken my Intro classes that I do what I do to make people live longer. To have quality of life in those later years. I would not trade living to be 120 years of age when the past 40 years of my life I was bed ridden. But, please hear the question correctly that there is no wrong answer… Just make sure it is right seed for the right time. Sometimes we need the harvest of this season to advance us to the next. Just a little self reflection, but in this time I find it is best to bring to light these concepts so that we have an opportunity to learn from it and be better for it. Remember when a situation is presented, take it for what it is…. An opportunity. Having a problem in front of you is more about your position of perspective. You can see it as a problem or as an opportunity. When I see an airplane flying in the sky at 30,000 feet they look tiny, but when I look at one 10 feet away from me it is going to look a lot bigger in my eyes because of my position of perspective.

General Physical Preparedess

A1) KB Thrusters – 4 X 10
A2) Push Ups – 4 x 15

200m Run
6 Burpees
9 Air Squats
12 KB Swings

Competitors Template

A1) 5 x 1 – @75% w/ 30 sec rest after each lift
A2) 5 x 1 – @80% W/ 40 sec rest after each lift
A3) 5 x 1 – @85% w/ 50 sec rest after each lift
A4) Establish a Heavy Single

EMOM 18 (Alternating)
Min 1: 10 Thrusters @135/95#
Min 2: 30 sec Assault Bike
Min 3: 5 Power Cleans @225/165#

Deadlifts @315/225#
Ring Muscle Ups

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