Be Awesome!


Are you making goals in your life?  Are you planning on a New Year’s resolution?  Did you know you are allowed to make Resolutions any time during the year?  I enjoy competing in CrossFit because it keeps me accountable for the goals I set for myself.  I want to be as fit as possible.  That means, I want to be as strong as I can be with being as fast, and skilled, with my movements as possible.  The problem is after a competition many times it is difficult to stay motivated.  So, I’ve found if I rely on external motivators, they fail me when they are not present.  Even if I go internally and motivate myself, I tend to have a roller coaster of mini-seasons where I can’t maintain this.  I am not one who seeks a temporary fix, or limited solution.  Let’s find something fool proof!  If I can’t go external for motivators, and I can’t always go internally, what am I left with?  I have to go inside to He who is within me… Because that, my friends, is exponential.  That allows me to function in a dimension where I can become the giant.  Let’s say you are a lamb and a ravaging dog comes against you… Don’t forget that God is a lion… And He wants to be your best friend.  The more I read about the bible, and the wonders of God, the more I come to realize He isn’t very logical… One, because His logic is different than our understanding of what is logic.  God sees a problem coming and before it even manifests there IS a solution.  He just looks in our direction and waits for us to go to him. The problem isn’t even registering.  It is like a dad looking at his baby taking their first steps.  His eyes are fixed on his son or daughter.  He isn’t looking at how they can’t walk.  He has his arms stretched out towards them waiting with anticipation for them to make it into his arms… And the entire time He has a smile on his face because God only loves to wait for that moment we take those steps towards Him.

Have you noticed that God never does anything that makes sense to us.  It’s actually incredibly cool when you think about it.  God sent a flood and told one man to build an arc when it had never rained before.  He sends two men to fight an entire army.  He finds fishermen and tax collectors to spread the gospel to the world in less than 20 years.  Jesus is eternally God but choose to function on Earth as a man and gave up a perfect throne for a crown of thorns…. for us.  The great exchange, we can talk about this all day.  The stories go on and on and on.

Making a choice propels us towards our goals.  We generally have a set of tools that we constantly have access to and make use of.  Physically… Mentally.  Consider your daily life and how you might react with what you have access to.  What if you are chased by a dog?  What if you are in a burning building?  What if you are confronted by someone that wants to harm you?  You can defend yourself or come out of that situation okay?  Hopefully the answer is yes.  We want to best prepare ourselves for whatever life throws at us, and be as generally physically prepared as possible.  In our journey here we will develop skills that provide us with more tools.  I like to tell people that we will have so many tools that we are going to need another tool box!

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