Last Thursday, there was a group of people outside the gym when I arrived before Open Gym.  The group asked to come inside and they said they were doing research on commercial property.  Well, turns out they poached my building.  My landlord text me just before our Brosesh session on Saturday and said there is someone else interested in the building that made a considerably higher offer…. so we are being evicted by a CBD dispensary.  I haven’t been a huge fan of all these CBD and reefer talk, but I guess New Mexico has to bring in money somehow due to the shut down of oil and mining.  Not sure how CBD is going to make up for that but now it has affected us directly and greatly.  I will be looking at other property and I will try to be open and communicate with all of you the best I can.  I planned to write much more in this post, but I really don’t know what is going to happen, and I am kinda at a loss right here.  I am taking tomorrow off to try and think a little bit and let this sink in.  I’ll try and make some calls and start some kind of a plan.  I will be available with any questions you may have or concerns… just call or text me.  Oh, and turns out I did have the Rona… so this extra day might help.  I’m not contagious and I shouldn’t be since Wednesday/Thursday according to the CDC. I guess the stomach ache from Christmas was just a stomach bug lol.  Can you say series of unfortunate events??  Also, kinda off topic but also kinda not…. I am reintroducing my December promotions into the rest of January.  One year prepaid membership with 2 Free months if you pay for 10 months of your membership.  This extension is a result of this unexpected circumstance…. to be honest, for this gym to remain open I need help.  If you are not in that current position please do not worry about in and it is not for you,  but if you are this current season, it will really help…. for all of us.  Thank you guys and I am available if you have any questions.

17th Of January 2022

Classes cancelled

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