Happy Birthday Caitlin and Happy New Years!

And, just like that 2021 comes to an end!  It’s been fun, it’s been real, but I can’t say it’s been real fun.  lol.  The weeks and months came and went so fast.  Some felt long, while others, felt as if they didn’t even happen.  I guess in retrospect time isn’t a commodity anymore…. treasured memories and forgotten days.  What will you change in the new year?  Some of you have big changes in your close and distant horizon.  I hope and wish for health and wellness to all of you…. with little regret in that “retrospect” thing we were just talking about.  Legacy.  Legacy is the five L’s I stole from Ben Bergeron that I talk about with the DASO Academy.  It isn’t a statues seen in high school text books, nor is it a building named after you.  It is what is remembered of you when you leave.  What will those say about you at your funeral… a morbid thought perhaps, but an important I feel.  Will they say he was a “Nice” guy and fail at anymore to add to that, or will they say he was “Good.”  A good man that always spoke the truth and grabbed life by the beard.  Or that she was such a bright source of light.  Every time she walked into the room, an indescribable shift in the atmosphere happened.  I’ve known people like that.  And those people live on…  In us.  Pass on goodness and kindness and tenderness.  Have something to believe in and something to fight for.  And maybe even a new passion that was hidden waiting to be discovered.  And, a funny joke never hurt. lol.

Tomorrow is Caitlin’s birthday!  She isn’t one to tell the first joke, or slam the first beer on a dare, but is good.  She is kind and smart and loyal.  She is a helper and I depend on her more than anyone knows.  If I didn’t live with her we would not have a gym.  Our financial state depends on Caitlin.  An extremely transparent statement, but true, and some would say it isn’t smart to talk of such things on this platform, but I never said I was all that smart.  She doesn’t complain or make excuses.  She is strong and courageous.  There is strength in love and vulnerability and patience.  All this is also why she is our Legends of the Month for January! No better time than the first Legend for a new year… you’re a true Legend. I couldn’t have done this without you Cait. You’ve taken on so much so that this gym can have a chance. Caitlin is my best friend and I wish you a very happy birthday.  Me, or I, or however you are suppose to use these words, and the rest of CFLOTW hope you have a great day tomorrow!  Happy Birthday and don’t start drinking too early Cait… it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow.  Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

Reminder no 5:30 & 6:30pm classes tomorrow.

31st Of December Year 2021

Your Choice Barbell Movement
Build to a Challenging 3 Rep

18 Pull-Ups
11 Wide Stance (Sumo-ish) Deadlifts
2 Rope Climbs
18 Goblet Squats
11 Traditional Deadlifts
2 Rope Climbs

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