A Firebreathing Hero

Not your typical workout for tomorrow…. but sure looks like a good one!  Desert Games athletes, we can change out some of the squats and/or either of the other movements depending on how you are feeling tomorrow.  We haven’t done rope climbs in awhiiiiiile so I thought it would be a good day for them!  Here we GO!!  Deadlifts don’t have to be bonkers, spine spitting out of your mouth either.  Let’s hit some weight with good form and take a hit of some ammonia rocks before our last lift… you know just another Wednesday getting stronger and fitter 😉

Also!  We will be having a get together on Saturday at Bosque at 4:30pm.  Jerod has given 16 years of his life and much of his family’s life, to the DASO SWAT Team.  At this point of his life, and career, to say without heavy hearted words, he stepped down from the role of leading those men, and away from the team.  “It was time,” he said, and on terms of his own…. a decision that in retrospect, having that to say can give one piece of mind.  I don’t even think I have done anything that long, so Jerod in somewhat of a stepping stone to a near stones throw retirement, has something to celebrate.  Having protected us and this city for so long, can now have a weekend of piece, and a life fully to his family.  A life of on-call circumstances comes with great sacrifice…. and now I hope to continue this discussion this Saturday with friends, beer, conversation, and another beer.  “This drink is good…. I’ll have another!”  Congratulations my friend!  I am happy for you and all of CFLOTW thanks you for your service and countless sacrifices made.  You are a firebreather and beyond.

10th Of November Year 2021


4 Rope Climbs
8 Front Squats @105/75 or 165/115
18 Dumbbell Snatches
8 Back Squats @105/75 or 165/115

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