2021 Desert Games!

It’s back!  The infamous and anticipated Desert Games is back November 6th!  We’ve always had a good showing at this competition with teams and individuals representing the gym and Las Cruces.  We tend to be the gym that represents our city as we are the only gym that usually competes.  I’ve always liked that about us.  Being competitive and holding our own.  If you think you’d be interested in competing, there will be a sign up on our back white board to have a list of competitors this weekend.  Last Desert Games we had a TON of women and not enough guys signing up to make teams.  Come on guys!!  Let’s try and have some teams put together and start training!  Registration is not open yet and no details have even been released of this competition, but I will have more information next week when they release info on divisions, teams, individuals, and workouts (They usually release these one at a time closer to the event), etc.  If you have that voice that is whispering to you to even ask about it let me know and we can talk.  It’s always been a great event with outstanding programming, good local and non-local competition, and a super fun and worth while experience.  Full SEND!


“From The Hat!”

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