Friday Funday

Happy Friday everyone!  Getting straight to the nitty gritty today.  I took a spin off one of the Quarterfinals workouts that were posted this weekend.  I was talking to Andrew today, and he was saying that breaking it up wouldn’t be as bad… because it doesn’t look as bad…. I completely agree!  There aren’t as many Calories on the machine because we did already have some on the rower this week.  So two things, one being we’ll just add some barbell to the mix (buahahaha lol jk) and two, you get to choose what machine you want to do your calories on.  Choose between the Assault bike, SkiErg, Concept 2 Bike, or the Rower.  Either one would be appropriate and acceptable.  FYI the SkiErg doesn’t get used that much and it’s collecting dust… who wants to put that thing to use??

The tail end of our Open season is here.  First with these Quarterfinals and then the Masters.  Wish these guys some luck, or join in on one of the workouts!  And Open gym is still a great time to add in some drills and skills for some specific time on any higher skilled gymnastic piece or any barbell movement we want to develop a better understanding too or use it as like “study hall” to any workout from the week we may have missed.  See you all tomorrow!

REMINDER:  5am and 6am are cancelled.

9th Of April Year 2021

60 Wallballs
40 Cal (Cardio Machine of Your Choice)
30 Snatches
40 Cal on Machine
60 Wallballs

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