Open Workout 20.1!

It’s here!  The first Open workout since 2019.  I’m a bit surprised of the workout only having two movements… But, it’s going to be tough!  Dave Castro often talks about the “Big Picture.”  He’s been doing this a long time and has a team that knows what they are doing.  The Open is a series of workouts, not just one.  But, every workout counts, so make sure you give it your ALL!  You do have the option to redo the workout if you feel you can give a little more and a higher score/faster time.  I’d recommend trying to do one and done though.  DO NOT GO OUT LIKE A RACE HORSE.  This is a shoulder workout, and when your shoulders give out, they are DONE!  The reps increase, so remember every workout we’ve done with an increasing ladder… they get harder the deeper you get into them.

The movement standards are pretty simple and straight forward.  Here are some quick tips:
Have a second jump rope in case your rope breaks or falls loose.
Come in with a plan
Shake, shake, shake! Get your arms loose and your belly tight (like hollows) and shake your arms out like we’re in a PE class in 1990!
WATCH FOR THE FEET STANDARDS! (The wallcrawls begins with the feet on the wall before you can move your hands back away from the tape line. ALSO! Feet need to be on the wall when you bring your hands back to the tape line coming down from the wallcrawl. That one is going to be tricky. Kristi Eramo said that tripped her up pretty good.
When you get to the gym, we need to measure you individually with tape to the appropriate distance from the wall (movement standards will be printed at the front table, but basically the start of the tape need to be at the top of your shoulders with chest and thigh touching the ground, knees extended, and feet touching the wall)
Have a judge ready (This one will help me out. I can only judge one person at a time, and since we are doing them throughout the day, I strongly encourage you get a hold of your gym buddy to judge you so you don’t wait til someone is free and available to judge you.)
Come in with a good attitude ready to hit this one hard! (Be confident that you’ve done hundreds of wallcrawls already from the warm ups and brosesh)
I’ll show you a trick to competition wallcrawls versus training wallcrawls tomorrow!

Judges!  Remember to get the tie break time.  We’re all dreading that set of 21 wallcrawls, but there is a 15 min time cap that will make it, to say the least, difficult to even get to that set.  Kristi Eramo Games Athlete did not finish!  That tie break time is going to be important.  Also, watch for the feet standard discussed above and on the printed out Movement Standard on the front table.  This is a competition with very specific standards and guidelines to follow.  I had a workout from our in-house comp in 2019 that had a very specific part, a key factor that was meant to test just that, and neglecting that creating some upset.  Have integrity and call out any no reps and help the athlete out by letting them know what and where they are messing up.  The double unders are difficult to judge, so watch the feet!  A trick is to count the jumps as it’s easier to keep track of the double unders since the rope is moving so fast.   Good luck!  And I’m here to help with any questions and concerns!

I bought extra cables for jumps rope this past weekend (what are the odds!) if you need to change yours out. I’ll cut the cable to size it for you. I would just give it out but everything costs $$. Price is the cost of an 02.

12th Of March Year 2021

Open 21.1
Time Cap: 15 Minutes
1 Wallcrawls
10 Double Unders
3 Wallcrawls
30 Double Unders
6 Wallcrawls
60 Double Unders
9 Wallcrawls
90 Double Unders
15 Wallcrawls
150 Double Unders
21 Wallcrawls
210 Double Unders

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