Memory Lane

I don’t have much of my art work at my and Caitlin’s home… I have only one actually, a print of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.  The original, I gave to my mom.  It is a piece of the strength and intensity, but yet gentleness, of a mother’s love.  The kind of care only found after growing life and bringing it into this world, and the intense protection that a mother has for her child.  I’ve never kept any of my art work.  I use to not like them, so I would give them to my mom because she loved them.  I only ever sold one original.  The Bob Marley was a birthday present for my older sister (I started it in high school and put it away for a few years before I pulled it out to finish it :/ ).  Sorry for the glare in the photos… stupid glass!  I promise they are a lot better in person lol.  The Martin Luther King piece below I sold to a cousin of my mom’s.  I had a huge high school graduation party.  A ton of my extended family came from all over.  This cousin is from California and has this piece hung up over his music studio for all to see.   That makes me feel a little better cause it was my favorite piece from my high school art work and I regret letting it go.  The photo that I am in was at a Black History Month exhibit that all the high school in the area participated in.  We had an in-school competition and the art teachers from my high school chose mine to represent Gadsden.  Look at your Coach when he was a dork in high school!


1st Of March Year 2021

Push Jerk + Split Jerk – (2+2)
*Build to a heavy*

Thrusters @105/70
Bar-Facing Burpees

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