What’s Going On With Monday’s

Back the normal life… or, “Back to the grind,” as they say…. well as normal as we can be right now.  I want to start off the new year with a shift in some of what we do.  Since we have been on our “Back Squat Mondays” for while now, I thought it be a nice change of pace to alternate with some other strength stuff that squatting heavy at the beginning of the week with all our other training just doesn’t allow us to do.  So, you will see a variance of movements show up on Mondays (Constantly varied functional movements executed at a relative high intensity huh?!).  That being said, I will have a squat template available during Saturday’s Open Gym for those that do want to continue squatting like we have and that their bodies can tolerate that loading and volume.  ALSO!  I do want to do something cool on Monday’s that is somewhat similar to our normacy of the continuous theme.  With the absent Open in 2020, I feel like we haven’t been able to put our fitness to the test as we see during the Open season.  So on Monday’s, at least for the time being, we will have Open workouts programmed to jump start on this year’s Open Prep, both physically and mentally.  It’s always helpful and for lack of a better word, “good,” to have something to work towards, and I feel that the Open did/does a wonderful job at that (as do all other competitions, but I see those in a more distant horizon).  Hope you all had a great weekend…. and don’t worry about doing Open workouts…. most of them will seem actually easier workouts than normal programming here at CFLOTW 😉 You’re welcome.

4th Of January 2021

3 Clean and Jerks
GOAT Training

Open 15.4!
3 HSPU’s
3 Cleans
6 HSPU’s
3 Cleans
9 HSPU’s
3 Cleans
12 HSPU’s
6 Cleans
15 HSPU’s
6 Cleans
18 HSPU’s
6 Cleans
21 HSPU’s
9 Cleans
***This patterns continues for the entirety of 8 Minutes

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